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Janie Crawford's Journey

This prezi will recap the journey of Janie Crawford, the main character in Their Eyes Were Watching God, as she travels through Florida finding self discovery.

Kayla Nix

on 5 April 2012

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Transcript of Janie Crawford's Journey

Janie's Journey For Self Discovery This map depicts all the places Janie traveled in Florida West Florida Janie is a young girl living with her Nanny in West Florida. Her Nanny works for the Washburn's, but decides to buy a small home away from her employers so Janie will not be made fun of anymore. When Janie turns 16, she kisses Johnny Taylor because she is curious about her sexuality. When her Nanny catches her she realizes it is time to marry Janie off to Logan Killicks because she claims Janie has become a women. Slavery had ended at the time Janie lived with her Nanny. It states this in the novel when Nanny states,"[t]he men was all blue, and Ah heard people say Sherman was comin' to meet de boats in Savannah, and all of us slaves were free" (Hurston,18). Janie marries Logan Killicks, but after a while she realizes she is not happy. She runs away with Jody (Joe) Starks to Eatonville. Eatonville Janie arrives in Eatonville hoping her
marriage to Jody is going to last. Janie is
seeking true love and she hopes she has
found that with Jody. However, Jody is
seeking power and prestige. He builds a
store and home and becomes the Mayor of
Eatonville. He feels Janie would be the
perfect Mayor's wife. Jody does not allow
her to have a life. She is not allowed to
speak her opinion, or tell Jody how she feels.
On one occasion, she finally voices her
opinion and Jody hits her in the face. Janie
lives the rest of her marriage unhappy and
afraid until Jody passes away. After his death
she enjoys her new found freedom and
independance. As Janie is enjoying her new found
freedom, all the men in the town try to get her to date them. She knows they are only interested in her money. One night in the store, a stranger comes to town. His name is Vergible Woods but
he tells Janie to call him Tea Cake. Janie is amazed by him. He talks to her, teaches her how to play checkers, and values her opinion. She falls in love with him. After a while she leaves Eatonville with Tea Cake because she can't stand the town gossip. During the time Janie lived in Eatonville, she noticed things were changing. Slavery was over, but the negro people were still discriminated against. The negro community could not stand the white man. I think this was another reason she left with Tea Cake. Jacksonsville Tea Cake and Janie were
married in Jacksonville. Tea
Cake leaves Janie alone for
a few days. She is worried he
used her because she has
two hundred dollars missing.
When he returns, he tells her
he has been looking for work,
and he found employment in
the Everglades.Also, he
promises her he will
get her money back by playing
dice and poker and the winnings will get
them to the Everglades.After he
won $322.00 (Hurston,122) he was stabbed. Janie took care of him until they moved. Jacksonville was a city that
was becoming very populated. During the time Janie and Tea Cake were there; drinking, gambling, and violence were happening everywhere. The Black community were still treated poorly which lead to a lot of the violence. Janie was home one afternoon and saw the Indians leaving to go towards Palm Beach. When she asked the Indians why there were leaving, they responded,"going to high ground. Saw-grass bloom. Hurricane coming"(Hurston, 146). When Tea Cake arrived home, she told him about the Indians. She wondered if they needed to leave too. They stayed until the Hurricane woke up old Okechobee (Hurston, 150). They began to move to higher grounds but the storm was terrible. Janie finally realized what God was capable of doing. She feared for her and Tea Cake's life. After Janie and Tea Cake found a bank to relax on, Janie tried to get a piece of metal roofing to serve as a barrier for Tea Cake. He was exhausted trying to save Janie. When she got the piece of metal, the wind blew it out of her hands, knocking her into the raging waters. Tea cake hollered at her to grab the tail of a cow that was floating on debris. When Tea Cake got to Janie, he was bitten by a rabid dog that was on top of the cow. However, Janie nor Tea Cake was concerned about it at that time. Janie and Tea Cake made it to Palm Beach. Mother Nature Calls The Everglades Janie enjoys living in the Everglades. She finds peace with nature, and she enjoys the dances that the indians do. She is amazed with all the culture found in the Everglades by the other people. Tea Cake teaches her to shoot and allows her to work in the fields. Janie loves the Everglades, but she is tired of Tea Cake leaving all the time to gamble. He tells her its so he can give her things, but I think it is a way he can continue to display his male dominance. West Palm Beach After the hurricane, dead bodies were everywhere. White men were demanding that all negros help bury the dead. The white people that died were buried in coffins. The negros were buried in ditches with lime thrown over the body. Tea Cake and Janie decide to return to the Everglades to rebuild the dike and to see their friends that survived the hurricane. Returning to the Everglades Four weeks after Janie and Tea Cake
arrive in the Everglades (the muck) Tea Cake goes home with a bad headache. He can't eat or drink water without choking and gagging. Janie goes to get a white doctor to help Tea Cake. The doctor tells Janie that Tea Cake has rabies from being bit by the rabid dog in the ragging waters during the hurricane. He tells Janie he will try to get the medicine, but he fears it is too late. Days go by and Tea Cake becomes paranoid. The rabies had destroyed his brain cells and he tried killing Janie. However, Janie had her own gun and shot Tea Cake dead. Janie went to trial, but was able to convince and all white jury that she only killed him in self defense. Janie had finally realized the white folk viewed her as an honest, and loving wife. The jurors knew she was grieving dearly. Janie is grieving so badly, but she wants Tea Cake to have a nice burial. She takes money out of the bank that she inherited when Jody died, and had Tea Cake a nice burial in Palm Beach because she knew the Everglades were low flatlands (Hurston, 180). Janie wanted him out of the way of storms, so he was placed in a strong vault in the cemetary in West Palm Beach (Hurston, 180). After Tea Cake was buried, Janie returned to Eatonville in her overalls. Her friend Phoeby came to talk to her because the town people claimed that her younger husband had taken all of her money and ran. Janie begins to tell Phoeby about her journey. She is older, wiser, has money, but most importantly she has discovered her self worth. Returning to Eatonville References
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