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Featuring The One And Only

No description

sasha chervinskis

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Featuring The One And Only

About the Eisenhower
protect the United states and to....
Provide a wide range of flight capabilities
and marine time security operations.
The USS Eisenhower was built to...
The USS Eisenhower is an aircraft carrier.The USS Eisenhower can hold 85 planes and it can go faster than 30 knots.The Eisenhower also carries 5,680 people and the boat has 2 nuclear reacters.
The USS Eisenhower flight deck width is 768 meters and the boat has 4 propellers. On the 4 propellers there are 5 blades.The beam of the boat is 134 feet and the boat can hold 97,000 tons.The Eisenhower has 4 elevators and 4 catapults. Catapults help you get off the runway.
The USS Eisenhower has 4 main engines. Did you know that the USS Eisenhower is the first ship named after a president? Can you guess what president, Dwight D.Eisenhower. The Eisenhower has two MK 29 NATO Sea Sparrow Missile launchers. The boat also has two Rolling Airframe Missile Systems aka RAM.
There are also E-2 Hawkeyes.
USS Eisenhower
Featuring The One And Only
presented by Ryan S
When the Eisenhower goes to battle it goes in a pod just like dolphins.
The boat goes with battleships destroyers and more.
The boat carries F/A-18E Super hornets and a couple other airplanes.
these gather information about the enemy.
The Eisenhower was first commissioned in 1991.
The Eisenhower has had different logos on top of it like IKE and many other logos.
Why was the boat built?
Does the Eisenhower go alone in battle?

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Thanks For Watching!!
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