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“Taking the First Steps on ‘The Road Less Traveled’: Undergraduate Research in the Social Sciences at EdCC.”

Undergraduate Research Dialogue Day. Rio Salado College. October 12, 2012.


on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of “Taking the First Steps on ‘The Road Less Traveled’: Undergraduate Research in the Social Sciences at EdCC.”

Pols 255: Digital Democracy
"Wear Purple Day: Social Media, Political Mobilization, and Facebook"
Tweeting and Channeling the Narrative: BP's Use of Twitter and YouTube during the "Deep Water Horizon" Crisis
"Why is US Broadband so 'Bad'": A Comparison of National Technology Policies
Pols 202: American Government (ongoing)
Projects as yet untitled
Attitudinal research on Immigration, Same-Sex Marriage, Environmental Policy, celebrity endorsements and political mobilization, handicapped parking awareness study . . .
Policy Research on Education, immigration, blasphemy laws, reintegrating Veterans . . . Bifurcated Classes
(students generating and answering novel questions)
Problem: Research Modes in Humanities and Social Sciences
Policy Focus on Socio-Political Problems
Service Learning & Community Partner Needs
Investigational Research (methods)
Local Campus Studies
Shared Data-Sets UGR in Social Sciences What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing www.ccuri.org I’d like to hear your ideas . . . 13,000 Average students per quarter (this can mean as many as 21,000 students taking classes in a year
Employs more than 1,639 people, including 132 full-time and 314 part-time instructors and 382 students
45% Full-time students
Degree Intent
39% Academic Transfer Degrees
31% Career Degrees
25% Basic Skills/GED/Family Life Education EdCC Starting Small by “Seeking a C.U.R.E.”
Seeing and Seeking Patterns
Leveraging Existing & Developing Longitudinal Data-Sets
Cross-Disciplinary Linkages
Acoustic Physics and Parliamentary Procedure
Service Learning Program
Statistics How I am exploring UGR in Pols Define some kind of problem in their disciplines, design and implement a Research Plan and then Present their work . . . . . . an inquiry or investigation by an undergraduate in collaboration with a faculty mentor that stimulates original thinking, fosters creative approaches to problems, and furthers understanding of research as a process . . . Conundrums
“New to Student” or “New to Field”?
Lack of Research Agenda/Expectation
Naturalization Across the Curriculum
Time & Money How we Define “Making Learning Visible” Day
Honors Program
Service Learning
Undergraduate Research Association (URSA)
CURE . . . PURE . . . SURE
“Undiscovered” Efforts UGR @ EdCC Undergraduate Research Dialogue Day: Facilitating Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Student Engagement. Rio Salado College. October 12, 2012. Robin Datta, Ph.D.
Director, EdCC Honors Program
Chair, Department of Political Science
Edmonds Community College
  Undergraduate Research in the Social Sciences at EdCC Taking the First Steps on the “Road Less Traveled”
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