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navajo is awesome and don't forget it

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Donna Boll

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of navajo is awesome and don't forget it

By: Valerie, Samantha, Brian and Emily Navajo The Navajo tribe lived in the South West. Environment The men would usually wear moccasins, deerskin shirts, and leggings. Clothing The Navajo got their protein from sheep that they stole from other tribes. Food The Navajo tribe lived in a hogan. Shelter Athabaskan is the language that the Navajo tribe speaks. Culture The Native Americans got their names because they are native to America. Interesting facts Then I v Now I v Thanks for watching. We hope you learned a lot about the Native American tribe Navajo. They were often called Indians because when Christopher Columbus arrived in U.S.A., he thought he was in India, so he called them Indians. They farmed corn and many fruits. The women also collected herbs. They lived in the corner of New Mexico and northern eastern Arizona. They also lived in Utah and Colorado. Navajo lived in the desert land and kept their territory since settlers didn't want desert lands.
The Navajo tribe has about 25,000 square miles of their land. Navajo is the largest tribe in North America. A long time ago, ancestors of the Navajo lived in Northwestern Alaska and Canada.
They would like to sand paint on free time. Women would wear deerskin waist as skirts, and moccasins. Later on men would wear velvet or cotton shirts without collars, moccasins, and breeches bellow the knees.
" Squaw dress" is what the women would wear later on.
The "squaw dress" were made of dark, plain blankets.
The Navajo tribe would pull their hair back behind their eyes with a headband tied from the back. Feather warbonnets were not worn by them for a traditional reason.
Today, not many people wear what they use to wear long ago. Sand Painting. From sheep's wool, they wove clothing, blankets, and rugs. Also the Navajo tribe stole horses from spanish settlers. The Navajo tribe stole sheep from spanish settlers to use as food. The inside is made of clay to hold the wood together. They cut down trees to make their homes. A hogan is made of a special wood frame work packed with clay into a dome shape. Today some of the Navajo people live in apartment buildings and modern houses than hogans. The door would always be on the east side so they would get the sunshine in the morning. They don't move as often as other tribes. They don't move as often because they farm. Men and women in the Navajo tribe had different jobs. Over 150,000 people speak Athabaskan. The men were: hunters, warriors, leaders, ans chiefs. They also made jewelery. The women were: farmers, tended life stock, did child care and cooking. They also made rugs. "Ya' at eeh!" means greetings. They would like to make pottery a lot. On all baskets and blankets there would be patterns that have designs that are fantastic meanings. Some hogans are also square shaped. The sheep was an often meal. Hogans are also used for ceremonial reasons. Now you are going to play Jeopardy, so I hope you were watching. People usually only wear what they used to wear for traditional ceremonies.
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