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Charlie Chaplin

No description

Ricki Miedema

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Charlie Chaplin

Who was Charlie Chaplin?

Charlie Chaplin

Sir Charles Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin, (16 April 1889 – 25 December 1977) was an English comic actor, a film director and composer best known for his work in the United States during the silent film era. (Jewwatch.com, N.D)

NAME: Charlie Chaplin


BIRTH DATE: April 16, 1889

DEATH DATE: December 25, 1977

PLACE OF BIRTH: London, United Kingdom
About Chaplin..
He directed many films from different companies, and it started with Keystone Company.

By 1914, he had directed 35 films. He then merged with a company called Essanay, where he directed 14 films in 1915. By 1916 through 1917, Charlie had directed an additional 12 films with a group called, Mutual Films.

At 26 years old, signed a contract with mutual company for 670,000 year making him one of the highest paid people in the world

After bouncing around different production companies, he decided to build his own studio in 1918

Charlie not always made films that made people laugh, he seemed to be inspired by current events that were going on around him. Films such as The Great Dictator and Monsieur Verdoux, were some examples of some risky films that he created.

Not only did Chaplin act in the films, he wrote, directed, and produced them! (Robinson, 1996).
About Chaplin..
When Charlie was 10 years old, he was enrolled with the Fred Karno’s Speechless Comedians, where he did an act clog dancing in 1908.

Karno built this company on his own. He had created his own comedian industry called “fun factory”. This is where many early talented comedians came from.

Keystone Film Company proposed Charlie with a contract. The manager of Keystone Company was a man named Mack Sennett. He too was talented, and was said to be comparable to Fred Karno

The movie “Making a Living” was Charlie's first film that he had a role in.

After some time acting, Charlie became unhappy and wanted to further grow his talent by becoming a director. In June of 1914, with his contract coming to an end, he set free from Keystone Company. (Robinson, 1996).
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Robinson, D. (1996). Charlie chaplin. (p. 84). The United States: Oxford.
Chaplin's top films..
Modern Times (1936)
City Lights (1931)
The Gold Rush (1925)
The Great Dictator (1940)
The Kid (1921)
Monsieur Verdoux (1947)
Limelight (1952)
The Circus (1928). (Carison, June).
Quick Facts about Chaplin..
A& E Television Networks. (2012). Charlie chaplin biography. Retrieved from http://www.biography.com/people/charlie-chaplin-9244327
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Carison, A. (June). Film misery. Retrieved from http://www.filmmisery.com/the-top-8-charlie-chaplin-films-of-all-time/
His Music and Acting
(Petrodka, 2007)
Clip from the movie "Modern Times"
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