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Our Solar System

No description

Clases Aula24LMS

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Our Solar System

Our Solar System
We have an interesting lesson for you today!
To identify the planets of the solar system and their characteristics.
Our Solar System
Planets’ Orbits
Rocky planets
Gas planet
Our Brightest Star
hydrogen and helium
Without it, Earth could not support life

Orbited by eight major planets

It is the closest star to Earth
Our Fastest Planet
The closest planet to the Sun
Only a little larger than our moon
It is covered by dust, rocks, and craters
It rotates around the Sun every 88 days
Our Hottest Planet
Its day lasts slightly more than a year
About the same size as Earth
Temperature: 450 degrees Celsius
It has mountains, valleys, and plains
It has no water
Our Mother Planet

70% of its surface is water& the other 30% is land
The only planet in the universe which is known to support life
It is almost five billion years old
The only planet in the Solar System known to be geologically active
Our Planet’s Satellite
It is roughly one sixth the size of the Earth
Only one side is visible from the Earth
Several astronauts have walked on the Moon as part of the Apollo space program
The Red Planet

It has seasons, like the Earth
The largest volcano in the Solar System is here, called Olympus Mons
Average temperature: -55 °C
Our Largest Planet

It is made up almost entirely of gas
Its famous Red Spot is a great storm

It is the planet with the strongest pull of gravity
Rings of Beauty

The many moons of Saturn are as different as fire and ice
Its beautiful rings are approx 273,266 km wide
The rings are not solid; they are made up of particles of ice, dust and rocks
The Odd Planet
It orbits the Sun every 84 Earth years
Uranus is the only planet in our solar system to rotate on its side
Its pale blue color is caused by the methane in its atmosphere, which filters out red light
Our Blue Planet
Since its discovery in 1846, Neptune has not yet completed a full orbit
Neptune has the strongest winds in the Solar System
It takes 165 years for the planet to go around the Sun
Solar system scramble
I. Unscramble the letters to find the names of all the planets in our Solar System.

Then use the code to find the hidden phrase!
II. Identify these planets and their characteristics
All of your hard work has paid off. You have successfully studied our Solar System.
Remember that the Sun is a vital part of our lives and is not only the core of our Solar System, but the thing that keeps Earth alive.
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