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hindu worship

No description

Julie Galloway

on 18 June 2010

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Transcript of hindu worship

how is Worship a kind of Celebration for Hindus? Hindus worship in a
number of places. At Home At a Temple On a Pilgrimage Hindu Worship at Home Many Hindus have a shrine in their
home.This is where offerings are given and
prayers are said. An example of a
shrine at a
ceremony. All forms of Hindu
worship are known as Puja Attending a temple daily to worship is not mandatory; in fact, many devout Hindus worship at home. Worship at home usually
takes place daily.
The purpose of puja in the home is not congregrational worship, but an individual's personal worship and offering to a deity. Many Hindus also have a special room set aside for worship in their homes. In Hinduism, individuals
are encouraged to worship deities
which they personally find inspiring. This is why every household
worships different deities, and
this devotion is passed down
from generation to generation. The essential things that
are needed to perform a puja
ceremony are: An incense burner A tray with flowers Fruit and Food Hindu Worship in a Temple Temples are considered to be the
connection point between human beings
and the deities in Hinduism. Hindus believe that while in the temple,
it is important to be polite, be wearing clean clothes, and to revere it
as a holy place. Famous temples include: The Akshardham temple in Delhi, which is the largest comprehensive Hindu temple complex, according to Guinness World Records. Dakshineswar Kali Temple, found
on the east bank of the Ganges river. Pilgrimages
Hinduism Millions of Hindus choose to travel
for spiritual reasons each year. "One who thinks the body to be the self and the land of his birth worshipable, who desires an everlasting relationship with wife, relatives, etc., and who goes on pilgrimage simply to take bath, is no better than an ass or a cow (i.e isn't making proper use of the human form of life)."

Bhagavat Purana
Hindus make pilgrimages in order to
worship a particular saint or deity,
to atone for their sins,to perform
specific holy rites, and to visit
holy people for guidance.
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