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Who is Gulf Winds?

Walk through of Gulf Winds History, Company information and Services.

Natalie Skinnes

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Who is Gulf Winds?

The International Logistics Specialists Who is Gulf Winds? History of Gulf Winds Gulf Winds is a third party logistics (3PL) provider offering industry-leading container drayage, transloading, warehousing, local and long-haul transportation and customs exam services. Our strategic locations adjacent to port and rail facilities in Houston and Dallas combined with state-of-the-art information systems provide real cost savings opportunities for our clients. Warehouse Locations Size: 212,961 sq. ft.
Certifications: USDA & AIB
Rail Service: UPRR Southloop Warehouse Size: 345,100 sq. ft
Certifications: USDA
Rail Service: BNSF Brisbane Warehouse Size: 356,400 sq. ft. (total)
Certifications: USDA, US Customs Bonded
Rail Service: PTRA Barbours Cut Warehouses Size: 226,000 sq. ft.
Certifications: USDA
Rail Service: N/A Bayport Warehouse Size: 200,000 sq. ft.
Certifications: Hazmat Certified
Rail Service: UPRR & BNSF Greensport Warehouse Size: 248,000 sq. ft.
Certifications: Hazmat Certified
Rail Service: UPRR Port Crossing Warehouse Size: 140,000 sq. ft.
Certifications: N/A
Rail Service: N/A Portwall Warehouse Over 1.6 million square feet of warehousing space in the Houston area. 3240 South Loop East, Houston TX 77021 411 Brisbane, Houston TX 77061 PHOTOS PHOTOS Gulf Winds 1st warehouse in 1996. This warehouse is primarily used in the handling of food grade products such as coffee, tea, and rice. Gulf Winds corporate office, located across the street from the BNSF Railroad. Allows for overweight handling from the BNSF to Gulf Winds warehouse and loading/unloading directly from railcars through the BNSF. 223 E. Barbours Cut, La Porte TX 77571
1100 E. Barbours Cut, La Porte TX 77571
1200 E. Barbours Cut, La Porte TX 77571
2011 E. Barbours Cut, La Porte TX 77571 PHOTOS Located across the street from Barbours Cut terminal, Gulf Winds' proximity allows for quick access to cargo, low transportation cost, and Gulf Winds can transload overweight containers weighting up to maximum capacity saving our customers up to 20% on ocean shipping costs. 5300 Highway 146, Seabrook TX 77586 As the only warehouse located east of 146, Gulf Winds is perfectly positioned to handle cargo moving through Bayport terminal. PHOTOS 1755 Federal Road, Houston TX 77015 Located inside of Greensport Industrial Park, Gulf Winds Greensport warehouse has direct access to Greensport terminal as well as rail service with both BNSF and UPRR. 1842 South 16th Street, La Porte TX 77571 Located on Highway 146 in La Porte, TX. Port Crossing provides access to a UPRR railsiding and track for railcar storage. Port Crossing is also permitted for hazardous cargo storage. 530 Portwall, Houston TX 77029 Conveniently located near the Port of Houston with quick access to I-10 and 610. PHOTOS PHOTOS With over 275 trucks and a private fleet of equipment including triaxle chassis, combo chassis, flatbeds, drop-decks, and vans, Gulf Winds has the flexibility to handle any need. Transportation Terminals Smartway Transport Partner
Hazmat Certified
U.S. Customs Bonded Common Carrier
"Satisfactory" Motor Carrier Safety Rating
State of Texas Permitted and Bonded to Haul Overweight Containers
Permitted by Harris County to Haul Overweight Containers (no weight restrictions) over Barbours Cut Blvd and Port Road
TABC Permtted (MC 320104-B)
FHWA # MC 320104-C / US DOT # 690147 Gulf Winds has secure yards near all the major port and rail facilities that are fully fenced and monitored 24/7 by on-site security through a top-rated security company. Safety and Security Certifications Houston and Dallas With Gulf Winds strategically located facilites, customers are able to save up to 30% on inland transportation cost and up to 20% on ocean freight by taking advantage of Gulf Winds Overweight Program. Transloading Services Gulf Winds operates one of only three approved Custom Examination Stations in Houston, and the only one at the Port of Houston's Barbours Cut Terminal. Customs Examination Services Gulf Winds operates heavy lift yards at the Port of Houston's Barbours Cut and Bayport container terminals providing clients with the ability to minimize or eliminate fees associated with permitting out-of-gauge cargo. Out of Gauge Handling Services Gulf Winds has a variety of services to meet all of our customers needs. Warehousing Services Bulk Handling Services Gulf Winds has rail service with the BNSF, UPRR, and PTRA to provide you with direct railcar to warehouse loading and unloading. Gulf Winds can also accommodate train building, railcar storage, and has easy access to a rail car repair shop when shipping through their Greensport facility. Rail Services Gulf Winds has specialized equipment for the handling of aggregates including sands, guar gum and proppants. Using a custom high-capacity portable high-incline conveyor system, Gulf Winds is able to transload product moving in supersacks to bulk vehicles such as pneumatic trucks and/or hopper cars for distribution to well sites in our region and around the country. Integrated scales measure each bag as it is loaded into the pneumatic hopper to ensure accurate product distribution weight totals.
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