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Developing Sustainable Strategies for La Boca Feliz LLC

Implementing Sustainable Practices in La Boca and Taberna Restaurants

Josep Ml

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Developing Sustainable Strategies for La Boca Feliz LLC

Developing Sustainable Stragies for La Boca Feliz FOOD WASTE separation of organic matter on-site
compost RECYCLING glass, cardboard
plastic, lightbulbs, etc PRODUCTS WHOLESALE (jamon serrano)
AWARDS pioneering
environmental responsability COMPOSTING PILOT PROJECT @ TABERNA + 75% FOOD WASTE = ORGANIC MATTER !!! how much organic waste we produce?
/day/week/month what to do with it!? this is crazy, restaurants can't compost! challenges? benefits? estimates
pilot project: week & weekends
quantify: collect & analyze data Payne's Organic Soil Yard Is it profitable?
education - transportation
innovation - responsibility on-site strategy 14 gallons - 23.9" L x 15.9" W x 12.2" H
2 dish washing station
2 near grill 5$/3oz package of JS
3oz = 0.19lbs

1lb = 16 oz

1lb of JS = 15$

LBF paying 25$/lb vs. vs.
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