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Seven Deadly Social Sins

Mrs. Womack

Connie Joyce

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Seven Deadly Social Sins

Today's Directions
1. Open the LIBRARY CATALOG icon on your desktop.
When all else fails,
ask your friendly
3. Do a SUBJECT search for your topic
You may have to try several different terms before you find the right books:
false campaign promises = politics
Native American casinos = Indian casinos
sex trafficking = human trafficking

Broaden your search term.
Use synonyms.
4. Write down 3 call numbers
Example: 348.2 RICH
5. Locate your books.
6. Select best resource.
(Look at content and date)
7. Sit down.
8. Use the table of contents and index.
(Go to http://cougarlibrary.com
from home)
3. If unhappy with results,
then try KEYWORD search.
Write notes from your sources about how your topic is one of the seven deadly social sins that Gandhi has spoken about.
Mrs. Womack & Mrs. Joyce
Write down:
Author(s), title of article, title of book, editor name, publisher, city published, year published.
9. On your own, check out the online databases.
Go to Library
Web Site
Go down to databases
Click on Student Resource Center
Password: ranc_log
Click on Issues & Controversies
User name: rancho
Password: facts
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