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"A White House Diary"

No description

Lindsay Corbett

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of "A White House Diary"

"A White House Diary"
Exposition: On the morning of November 22, 1963,
President Kennedy as well as Mrs. Kennedy,
and John and Nellie Connally, are in one of the
many secret service cars. Following them,
is Lyndon Johnson, his wife, Lady Bird Johnson and
Senator Ralph Yarborough.
John F. Kennedy: The 35th President of United States; static because he is assassinated in the beginning of the story
The story starts off on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. President Kennedy as well as Mrs. Kennedy, and John and Nellie Connally, are in one of the many secret service cars. Following them, is Lyndon Johnson and Senator Ralph Yarborough. The setting then changes to the hospital that President Kennedy was brought to after he was shot. Then, it changes to the sight where President Kennedy’s coffin is picked up and put on a plane to travel back to Washington.
Irony, Foreshadowing, and Figurative Language
Irony: In this story, an example of irony is when the story starts off on November 22, 1963, when President Kennedy and his party are traveling into Dallas. It is ironic that the mood is so happy in the beginning and then changes really quick to a sad and more depressed mood. Another example of irony is when the reader knows that President Kennedy is going to die, but none of the characters know that the reader knows that. Irony is also shown when Mrs. Kennedy is traveling back in the dress that has the blood of her husband on it, it is the last time she will ever get to travel back to the White House with any part of her husband.

Foreshadowing: Some foreshadowing in this passage is the gun shots foreshadowing the death of someone, there is also foreshadowing when the characters roll up to the hospital which signified that someone has been hurt since none of the characters knew what was really going on, and foreshadowing is also shown when the slight drizzle may signify that something depressing might happen.

Detailed Sentences/Figurative language:
"I cast one last look over my shoulder and saw in the President's car a bundle of pink, just like a drift of blossoms, lying on the back seat."
Tone and Mood
The tone is official and accepting because it has already happened, so it is kind of recalling the past. The mood is sad and dreary because Kennedy dies and the other characters show their emotions from sadness to shock. Lady Bird Johnson thinking about Mrs.Kennedy: “You always think of someone like her as being insulated, protected. She was quite alone.” This is an example of tone because this quote gives the reader a sad feeling.

By: Lady Bird Johnson
Plot Chart
Rising Action: While they are driving by, they hear
"shooting" sounds. At first, they think that they are
fireworks being shot into the air. In the lead car,
however, the secret service men were suddenly down
in the car saying, "Let's get out of hear!". After turning
many sudden curves, they arrived at a hospital. Many people were asking, "Did the president get shot?". Even though they were in denial, President Kennedy was shot, along with John Connally.
Mrs. Kennedy: President Kennedy’s wife; dynamic because she changes as she is in the hospital during Kennedy’s death where she is in disbelief and shock and then during Lyndon’s inauguration where she is put together
Lady Bird Johnson: President Lyndon’s wife and the First Lady; also the narrator; flat because she is just the narrator so she doesn't show her own emotions but the emotions of others
President Lyndon Johnson: The 36th President after Kennedy was assassinated
Plot Chart (continued)
Climax: There are many people that are coming to visit President Kennedy to see if he is all right. Lady Bird Johnson goes to visit Mrs. Kennedy and Nellie. Both are very sad, but after hearing that the president is dead, all are in disbelief.
Falling Action: Since the president is dead, they
have to make plans to go to the airport so they
can take Kennedy in his coffin back to Washington to be buried. Lyndon Johnson is quickly sworn into office because of national and global problems.
Plot Chart (continued)
Resolution: Now, President Lyndon Johnson, Lady Bird Johnson, and Mrs. Kennedy grieved the loss of President Kennedy in a small corridor. Lady Bird Johnson went into a private room to meet with Mrs. Kennedy. All though it was hard, they both talked to each other and made it through together. Many flashing cameras greeted President Lyndon, his wife, and Mrs. Kennedy. They all wondered about Kennedy's death. Lyndon gave a short speech, then everyone went on with their day.
The theme of this passage was to live with grief and to not let it run your life. Even when times get tough, you have to push through and take measures that are necessary so you can move on with life. The example from this story, was the way Mrs. Kennedy and Lady Bird Johnson acted after President Kennedy's death, they grieved, but were able to move on.
Characters (continued)
Nellie Connally: First lady of Texas at the time of John Kennedy’s death; her husband the Governor was also shot because he was in the car with Kennedy, Mrs. Kennedy and Nellie
John Connally: The Governor of Texas who also got fatally wounded, but survived during the assassination of President Kennedy
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