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Bridges Timeline

No description

Antharya Boinala

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of Bridges Timeline

Bridges Timeline Timeline of bridges Thanks For Watching!! By Antharya Boindala Golden Gate bridge 27th May, 1937 Mianus Bridge June 28, 1983 Hintze-Ribeiro Bridge Collapse March 4, 2001 BIBLIOGRAPHY:


1st Jan, 1345 The Ponte Vecchio is known for its amazing scenery and the fact that it is still in use
Ponte Vecchio stood through great damage in the Florence flood of 1966
Most famous inhabited bridges 1st Jan, 1764 Jade Belt Bridge Ponte Vecchio Also called Camels Back Bridge
An example of a Moon Bridge style
Connects the Green River with White Marble and stone 1st January 1781 The Iron Bridge The first bridge to be fully constructed of iron
Closed to all transportation except for walking across it
Workers built it by assembling the pieces together 30th May, 1883 Brooklyn bridge The first to use underwater caisson chambers
The construction was made with many technical difficulties and in dangerous conditions 1st Nov, 1885 Garabit Viaduct Eiffel made this bridge
He decided to base his design on open triangles
These triangles benefit the bridge by supporting it, by letting the wind pass through 4th Mar, 1890 Firth of Forth Bridge The bridge is an example of cantilever design
The cantilever design is used for much smaller projects Built in an earthquake zone
Until 1964, it was the world’s largest suspension span at 8,981 feet, and also held the record for the world’s tallest suspension towers until 1998. 7th Nov, 1940 Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse Broke down four months after the grand opening
No one was killed
Designed to be more elegant than the Golden Gate Bridge 1st Jan, 2006 Alcántara Bridge 636-foot span was built to “last forever.”
Trajan ordered construction of a bridge over the Tagus River at Alcántara. September 11, 1916 Quebec Bridge Collapse Because of something wrong in the design, the actual weight of the bridge was heavier that its carrying weight
Collapsed twice Dec. 15, 1967 Silver Bridge Collapse Collapsed because of heavy traffic loads One of the pins in the construction sheared October 21, 1994 Songsu bridge Collapse Central section of the bridge sheared off January 4, 1999 Rainbow bridge Collapse The steel was very inferior quality when investigated The reason to why the bridge collapsed is still a mystery to solve May 9, 1980 Sunshine skyway The Sunshine Skyway once collapsed
When rebuilt, the Skyway was so close to the water, if you looked out the window, you could see the water up close May 21, 1953 First Iron Bridge Was made in Philadelphia and its Countryside/Lehigh Valley
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