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Slug Slime Exploration

Exploration of Venus Fly Traps

Richard Park

on 17 June 2011

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Transcript of Slug Slime Exploration

By Richard Park
Niko Montminy
Brian Roach
Ana Arriaga
Margot Gagnon Slugs They got "simple eyes" Before We Start.... I can see the light! What We Wanted to Find Out To find evidence that slugs can see colors,
if yes, then see what the preference of most snails would be In other words, see what a slug's favourite color would be The all Important Scientific Design Home sweet home The slugs should have been more inclined towards the natural colors such as brown, green... etc that is similar to their enviroment What we changed we purposely changed the color of the pathways the slugs could've chosen We were expecting changes in the paths the slugs took Watch Out! slugs can follow different slug trails as a mating behaviour,therefore the slugs must be in the same area at all times. slugs also have a tendency to crawl up walls to get out, so keep a constant watch in case a slug escapes materials construction paper
hot glue
poster board
leaves How did we do this? first, cut a large(15" by 15" would be generously large) square from the posterboard then using the construction paper, create a rectangular box with the front side open Be sure to cover most of the colors, if unsure then use the following chart 3 Primary Colors 3 Secondary Colors 3 Neuatral Colors Red, Blue, and Yellow Purple, Green, and Orange Brown, Black, White Create the borders of the area using 3" by 1"
strips of posterboard using the hot glue gun, arrange the borders and the tunnels
into a square and allow one side to be made up of the tunnels (not glued),
and avoid have space between. place one slug in the center of the new made area and
record where the slug goes shuffle the tunnels and repeat 3 times for 3 slugs What we got Soooo What Does That
All Mean? First off, the evidence shows that slugs
do not have a color preference Secondly, the evidence does not show that slugs have the
ability to see colors. Other Points the results show that the slugs have a tendency to climb wall
and not into tunnel, indicating that there is a thought process that choses
lighter areas over darker Slug #1 (Rodrick) Slug #2(Lovino) Slug #3( Alfred F. Jones) 1 Blue, 1 Yellow, 2 Red, and climbed the wall once 1 brown, 1 black, and tried to climb the wall six times 1 orange, one purple, tried to climb the wall
four times Warning: due to some slow-pokes, we had a varied number of trials done Some slugs had slight...... difficulty with the experiment
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