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on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of RAFAEL NADAL

The life of Rafael Nadal...
-His career.
-Achievements and awards.
-Famous phrases.
-My opinion.

Rafael Nadal has won 13 Grand Slam tournaments, which is be the third professional player with the most major titles in tennis history. Other than that he has won many more trophies lower, but today just say the big trophies.
Career (summarized)

Rafael nadal is the best Spanish tennis player and one of the most important athletes in history, has extensive career and is an idol for millions of people.
He has won many trophies, at the age of 15 became the youngest player in history to win a match in an official ATP tournament in the International Series tournament of Mallorca
It excepting Michael Chang, is the player who entered before the 17-year-old in the select list of the top 100 players in the world that produces ATP.
Is the third professional player with the most titles "big" in tennis history behind Pete Sampras (14) and Roger Federer (17).
He is one of the best players of the world, is the number one at the moment and on three occasions he ended the year being the world number one tennis player in the ATP ranking: in 2008, 2010 and 2013.Still has much to gain even more and increase his career.
Famous phrases
"Nobody is perfect forever"
He had to leave school in 4th ESO.

Rafael Nadal Parera is a Spanish tennis player, currently No. 1 in the ATP world rankings. Is considered one of the best players in the history of tennis and the best of all time on clay court. He was born on June 3, 1986 in Manacor, Majorca, Balearic Islands (Spain).His parents are Sebastian and Ana Maria Nadal Parera, has a younger sister, Mary Elizabeth, and is the nephew of former player soccer FC Barcelona and RCD Mallorca Miguel Angel Nadal. When he was small practiced all kinds of sports (football, basketball, etc..) But it was the court where he began to excel greatly from an early age by his uncle Toni Nadal, coach in his hometown Manacor.
Trophies room
-Roland garros: He has won roland garros 8 times, which is to be the third professional player with the most titles big in the history of tennis.
-Wimbledon: twice (2008 and 2010 and finalist in 2006, 2007 and 2011)
It is the most precious championship.
-Australia Open: once (2009 and finalist in 2012)
-EE.UU Open: twice (2010, 2013 and finalist in 2011)
-In 2006 he received the Gold Medal of the Royal Order of Sporting Merit.
-In 2008 he received the Prince of Asturias Award for Sports and Legend Brand.
-In 2009 he received the Grand Prize of the French Academy of Sport to the greatest sport in the world feat in 2008, and in 2010 the AS Sports Award.
-In 2011 he was named Best International Male Athlete of the year with the Laureus World Sports Award nd in 2006 Laureus World Sports global promise for Best of the Year Award.
-On 26 November 2013 he received the Legend Award for Best Brand Sportsman Spanish History
He has won many more titles apart from these
"My biggest rival is the next"
"The basic thing is to believe in yourself and try to give the best of yourself each day. I've had bad times and one of just beating"
"I did not forget to play. Maybe it's not yet time to bury"
"All who play sports know that left to win or lose. Necessary to accept both. One can not come down to losing a game or very high to win. Nobody remembers the victories, defeats only"
-When he wins a trophy always bites it
-Rafa Nadal won his first tournament at age eight
-Rafael Nadal is the youngest winner of the Davis Cup at 18
My opinion:
I think that Rafael Nadal is one of the best sport players in the world, i love tennis and i consider that Rafa is the best sportsman of Spain and an idol for many people because he has won all, he is a very great person and an example of good athlete.
In conclusion, for the persons that like sports Nadal is a person to take the example.
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