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Anthrax and Mustard Gas

No description

michelle lira

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Anthrax and Mustard Gas

Mustard Gas
Mustard Gas in History
Chemical Warfare
-Warfare agents are chemical weapons that are known to kill, injure, or incapacitate it victims.

-These can come in different states of matter including solid, liquid, and gas form.

-Two deadly agents we are presenting today are referred to as Anthrax and Mustard Gas.
Anthrax in History
Anthrax and Mustard Gas By Michelle & Anthony
-What is Anthrax?
* Anthrax is a disease that occurs naturally in plant eating animals..caused by the bacterium bacillis anthracis
* It is a highly illegal but extremely stable weapon that can be stored almost in definitely as dry powder
*The most common side effects seen in Anthrax toward people would be:an accessive amount of redness on the skin, swollen or painful glands which results all in something virtually always fatal.
-Mustard Gas was first used in WW1 by the Germans.
-It was introduced since the brand new trench warfare proved hard for both sides to advance
-Mustard Gas' main purpose was to drive enemies out of their bunker or trench
-Soldiers who inhaled were likely to receive blisters and
Works Cited

Anthrax cites------------
why preferred as a warfare agent

Mustard Gas cites-------

-Anthrax was first used in WW1 by the Germans and used it to contaminate animals food and livestock unlike chemical gasses.
-Japanese also allegedly used this in Manchera by infecting 10,000 prisoners and many died.
-In human history there have been three types of infections that may occur, inhalation, gastrointestinal, and cutaneously.

-Mustard Gas is a deadly nerve agent that falls into the lethal category of gasses.
-It received the name Mustard Gas due to its yellow greenish color and mustard like odor.
-It is a chemical warfare agent that is designed to hurt its victims and or kill.
-Mustard Gas leaves the skin and organs with yellow blisters filled with pus.
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