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Anne of Green Gables

No description

Jacquelyn Fajarillo

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Anne of Green Gables

The main setting of my book is Anne's backyard. Sometimes in the morning purple sunrise gleams through the nimble trees causing the little dew drops to seem like little pearls, and the sky looks majestic, as described in my book. The critical attribute about this little house is that its backyard is very important because that is where a lot of the stories problems come in like when Anne sinks in the pond, falls off a roof, and much more.
Project by : Jacquelyn Fajarillo
Novel : Anne of Green Gables
Author : L.M. Montgomery
Publisher : Penguin Group
Original copyright date : 2008

Anne Shirley
Physical Traits
-Anne Shirley is a skinny thirteen year old orphan. she has long, red, messy hair that one time she accidentally dyed green and then had to cut off because of it. Anne has a small white face and a perfect smooth nose speckled with reddish orange freckles. She also has a large mouth and big eyes that are green in some lights, grey in others, and full of spirit.
-Anne is a very unique child. She is funny, caring, romantic, creative and exceptionally imaginative, and knowledgeable.
-“There's such a lot of different Annes in me. I sometimes think that is why I'm such a troublesome person. If I was just the one Anne it would be ever so much more comfortable, but then it wouldn't be half so interesting.”
I chose this quote because Anne has a lot of different personalities, as i explained when I described why the book is a classic. sometimes Anne has one emotion and then switches to another, and she is

Diana Berry
Physical Traits
-Diana has jet black hair, soft brown eyes, a royal complexion, and she is quite tall.
-Diana Berry is very nice, especially with her best friend Anne, sensible, smart, and loving.
-"I heard before that you're kind of a strange girl, Anne Shirley, but I have a feeling we're going to get along really well."
I chose this this quote from Diana Berry to signify her kindred spirit and friendship with Anne.
Marilla Cuthbert
Physical Traits
-Marilla is an elderly women with streaks of gray in her fading brown hair. She has sophisticated facial features, some wrinkles of old age, and grayish brown eyes.
-Marilla is a very sensible, sophisticated, and wise women. She stands up for what's right and always gets her way. Marilla isn't exactly fun spirited, but she is quite caring for loved ones like Anne Shirley and Matthew Cuthburt, her brother.
-"No I cannot. To despair is to turn your back on God."
I chose this quote because I wanted to show strength Marilla and how she isn't pitiful.
I think the author's theme was to accept people for who they are because at first Anne wasn't accepted but Marilla learned to love her for who she is, an imaginative, mischievous, quirky girl.
I chose this video to show you the drama, tragedies, and high energy my book has.
A Trailer
Gilbert Blythe
Marilla Cuthbert
Anne Shirley
Diana Barry
Mathew Cuthbert
A Link to an Other Book in This Series...
Anne of Green Gables
I think my book, Anne of Green Gables, is a classic because it was written in 1902 and has been made into a movie, a play, and even a television show! So, it's pretty self explanatory that it is quite popular! I think so many people like/LOVE this book because they can really relate to at least one of the characters and what they're feeling. Also, the book is really funny, serious, and a bit of a tear jerker all at the same time. Therefore, at one second you could be feeling really sad for Anne, but then she says something histerical and you end up having to stop reading because you are laughing so hard!
Anne Shirley lives in Anonlea, in a house called green gables. All Anne Wants is to be the prim proper girl Marilla wants her to be. But Anne always lets her imagination get best of her and catch herself in mischief. If you want to know what kinds of trouble she gets into and if Marilla ever approves of Anne, read this amazing book, Anne of Green Gables, for your self.
The Basics
Elements of Literature
Why This Book Is a Classic
The End
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