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Kelly Curbow

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Cooking

To understand basic cooking techniques, the use of cooking tools, and the value of cooking at home.
Instructional Objectives
Four reasons a recipe may need to be altered.
1. Name seven safety measures that are important to utilize in the kitchen.
2. List 12 necessary cooking tools.
3. List four types or materials of cookware and bake-ware.
4. Identify measuring tools and their proper use.
5. Define basic cooking terminology.
6. Identify four styles or ways to cut food.
7. Select the heat settings of the stove top and oven.
8. Name the five basic tastes.
9. List four reasons a recipe may need to be altered.
10. List two ways to find ingredient substitutions.
Safety measure #1
Wash your hands before handling any food.
Safety measure #2
Always use heat-resistant protection when handling hot objects or foods.
Safety measure #3
Never use a damp/wet towel or pot holder. Moisture conducts heat!
Safety measure #4
Err on the side of caution and never use outdated, spoiled or moldy food.
Safety measure #5
Wear latex or vinyl gloves when handling hot peppers/chillies or highly pigmented foods.
Safety measure #6
Avoid injury to yourself and your cookware by using the appropriate utensils and tools for the task.
Safety measure #7
Always use a sharp knife when cutting food.
Seven safety measures that are important to utilize in the kitchen.
Bake - To cook in an oven.

Broil - To cook under direct heat.

Mash - To squash food with a fork, spoon, or masher.

Preheat - To turn oven on ahead of time so that it is at the desired temperature when needed.

Sauté - To cook quickly in a little oil, butter, or margarine.
Basic cooking terminology.
The five basic tastes.
Kikunae Ikeda, a chemist in Japan, discovered the fifth taste was glutamic acid. He renamed it UMAMI, which is Japanese for "delicious" or "yummy."
Dietary restrictions
Food allergies
Dislike of ingredient
Don't have the ingredient
Seven Safety Measures
Basic Cooking Terminology
The Five Basic Tastes
Reasons a Recipe May Need to Be Altered
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