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The Economic Journey

No description

Matthew Watson

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of The Economic Journey

Your Economic Journey Every productive person in America will travel life's economic road. In traveling this road, from our first job until retirement at 65 years, we all work... The income from our work brings us farther down the economic road towards our goals, dreams, and aspirations The list goes on... The Social Security Number... Social Security Number Fact:

Built to track Social Security Number Facts:

Built to extract Social Security Number Facts:

Not Built to protect Problems exist on the economic road (how you spend money), the driver (how you make transactions), and the vehicle ( Legal Judgements Tax Liens Consumer Credit Bankruptcy Home Foreclosure Retirement Settlement Options Selection Loss of Employment No Economic Structure to Protect Earned Income Investment Failures Fixed Income Retirement Plan Misplaced Documents Lack of a Documented Weight & Measure system Increases in Cost of Living More text goes here... More text goes here... Tolls... The list goes on... Cash Management Issues More about the problems that occur on the economic road Credit management issues Investment management issues Taxation management issues Debt management issues Heath Issues Potential Loss of Employment Estate Development Issues Child Care Issues Risk Management Issues
1040 Stocks IRA 401K Mutual Funds Real Estate Even When You Wisely Invest Your “After Dollars”

You must Report This Income through Your Single Economic Structure Investments Federal
1040 Social
Number W-2 Your W-2 Income is Taxed - Before You Can Put it to Work For Your Economic Benefit Federal 1040 – Dollars Through Tax System W-2 Social
Number Federal
1040 Standard of Living Pension Funds Real Estate Mutual Funds 401K IRA Stocks Small Business Opportunities Federal
Form Fewer
Remaining Why? Internet Research TV
Financial Programs Investment
Seminars Newspapers,
Publication Co-Workers
Friends, Family Etc. Insurance
Agent Stock Broker Economic
Dollars Fragment – Financial Decision Making Process Banking

* Educational Funding & Data
* Employment and Income Production Data
* Housing Market Data
* Taxation System Data
* Banking Services Relationship Data
* Investment Services Data
* Real Estate Holding Data
* Insurance Services Relationship Data
* Medical Facility Services Data
* Final Estate Data
* Legal and Justice System Data 90 Ninety Percent of Americans
Have Holes in Their Bucket You are losing Dollars
Annually Family & Life Style
support Planning Estate Assets Pre & After Tax Assets Risk Expense Taxation Dollars Business Interest Asset Dollars Credit Dollars Cash Dollars There Are Holes in Your Bucket Well if my decision making process is split up, how does it affect my finances?
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