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No description

Yuling Hsueh

on 6 December 2011

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Transcript of DM+

Let me give you some perspetive....
Data Management+ Laboratory
Spatial Data Types
Spatial Databases
deal with large collections of geometric objects (e.g., rectangle, point, polygon) in space.
Data Management+ Lab
Spatiotemporal databases
manage both space and time information,
e.g., tracking moving objects (mobile users).
Research Topics
Application Domains
Users, Application Domains
Location-based services
Bioinformatics modeling on e.g. a rat brain

a very large, integrated collection of data.
Research Topics
Moving Object Processing
Continuous Query Processing
e.g., 舉Look for a nearest gas station on my way to a mall.

Research Topics
Mutliple-dimentional Databases
Demo System: SkyEngine: Efficient Skyline Search Engine for Continuous Skyline Computations
Demo System: PLUS: A Message-Efficient Prototype
for Location-Based Applications

Future Trends
Cloud Computing: Software as Service and Data as Service in supporting light-weight client apps will be on-demand dramatically.
Lines: river
Points: restaurants
Polygons: lake
LBS Example
Phone Books: Index Key on Last Name
LBS Example
LBS Example
Research Topics
Spatial Searches and Data Indexing
Nearest Neighbor Query
Range Queries
Spatial Searches and Data Indexing
Research Topics
Location Privacy Protection Mechanisms
Find me the closest ATM (bank). How to protect a mobile user’s identities?
Proposed Project
Your Next ...
Strong Location Privacy Protection
Design and implement data splitting mechanism.
Design data encryption approach.
Analyze I/O performance on common spataial queries.
Proposed Project
Spatial Data Mining and Mobile Social Network
Collect training data from a mobile social network.
Conduct feature extration and anaylsis.
Design training steps for pattern recovery
Proposed Project
Mining on Mobile E-Learners
Design and implement mobile e-course app.
Integrate e-learners with a social network.
Construct learning performance detection model.
Support Indoor tracking on e-learners in supporting of check-in data collection.
Proposed Project
LBS Market Raising Stars Detection
Design and implement a LBS application that provides ad. search and group-buy functions.
Design a machanisum to determine market raising stars.
Design market status detection for sepecific business
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