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No description

Sallina Poole

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of #SquerbIs...

Content Calendar
Defining the Undefinable:
Social Media Campaign for Squerb

Squerb is a website where users can voice their opinions on various topics.

Using a mandala of words, users can quickly explain how they feel, but with more detail than a like or rating.
Additional Questions?
We know we had
a lot
of thoughts.

What are yours?
Campaign Theme: Squerb Is ________
Our Prediction of Success
So What Is Squerb?
Our Cross-Channel Campaign Ideas
Positioning in the market
Squerb gives these bloggers a better platform for voicing their already strong opinions, in a more organized and visual way (Opinions made better).
Squerb's widget of the mandala is a tool that can be integrated into blogs, in place of a traditional comment or rating system.
Demographic and Positioning
Strategy 3:
Squerb Is Innovative
There are many interesting features of Squerb, but you wouldn't know based solely on their social media.
Strategy 2:
Squerb Is Relevant
Measuring Success Across Campaigns
Because all four of these campaign ideas include links, tracking unique URLS will help measure click through success.

Options for doing this
Google analytics link for far more
detailed data: http://goo.gl/TficP9
Google link shortner link for
straight numbers: https://goo.gl/

Guidelines for Budgeting
Pre-established Hashtags
Original Hashtags
Other popular examples:
Strategy 1:
Squerb Is Defined by Users
The Problem
Those with strong opinions, who want those opinions known
Specifically: millennial fandom bloggers
Squerb is a unique concept that is not easily defined

No one is googling "Squerb" if they haven't already heard of it, so the website and it's social media pages are hard to find

Potential users have nothing to compare Squerb to in order to understand its capability and value

The social media pages provide no motivation to go to the website itself
Client Intro
Promoted Posts
A form of marketing that identifies and targets individuals with influence over potential users and seeks them out to promote your brand
Influencer Marketing
Example Influencers
The Nerdy Girlie
Distracted Blogger
Google+ Female Geek Bloggers Community
Our objective
Use social media to demonstrate what Squerb is and what it can be, without actually defining it.

Our strategies show potential users
Different ways to utilize the site
How Squerb is relevant and can be used as a conversation tool
Its various features and how they work

We focused overall on generating click throughs to the website.

How it works
Reach out to an influential blogger
Negotiate a contract with details including price and requirements
They write a blog post incorporating your brand and utilize the widget
They share the post on their social media and to their followers
Does not show what Squerb is/does
Does not link back to website
Uses hashtag that is not established/followed and is irrelevant to brand
Not so good post:
Not so good post:
Doesn't show what Squerb is or does
Doesn't link back to the website
Irrelevant visual
Channel Opportunities
By using already established hashtags Squerb can get their name out there by associating with trends that people are already searching for.

Hashtags must be

and relevant
to the post
Allows brands to connect with users who are likely to listen to their message
Lancôme hopped onto #selfie with their own twist: http://goo.gl/iph6OG
Not currently using channel
Only one post
Does not show what Squerb is/does
Irrelevant visual
inappropriate for Instagram's strengths
Uses non-established/not followed hashtags that are irrelevant to Squerb
Already has 11,600 followers
Twitter is optimal platform to "join the conversation"

While using established hashtags is key to getting noticed, a few Squerb-original hashtags should also be used.

Established # + Original # in same post= Getting noticed AND establishing you

Herschel Supply Co. combines the use of #WellTravelled (established) with #HerschelSupply (original). They now have over 500,000 followers on Instagram.
Already using channel regularly
Facebook has excellent format for visuals
Primary channel to reach bloggers
many use Instagram to promote their blogs
Optimal to promote Squerbs related to food, fashion & lifestyle
Another opportunity to use hashtags
Squerb can "join the conversation" of topics already being discussed by their target market and gain attention by using
We suggest budgeting 1/3 of the
social media advertizing funds towards each strategy, then check to see which
are working best, and adjust the distribution.
Always use a hashtag that is related to the Squerb you are promoting
Here are some specific original hashtag
ideas that will provide this balance
One way to get users attention quickly is through
real time marketing.
Watch what's trending/viral at the time and join the conversation when something hits.

This should be done somewhat sparingly, but can make a big impact when used correctly.

Oreo posted this during the 2013 Super Bowl:
Rather than trying to create posts that explain the concept of Squerb, we suggest showing different ways it can be used and what current users are "making" the website into.

Facebook has utilized this strategy quite a bit. Examples are "Facebook is 10" and recent "This Day a Year Ago" Campaigns:
Squerb brands itself on being "out-there" and pushing the envelope, which prompted our idea of a weekly Squerb across channels on the most "out there" story from the week.

This is similar to real time marketing, but would be on a scheduled, consistent basis. This will help establish the brand and can be anticipated by habitual Squerbers.
You've probably noticed us use this a lot so far.

#SquerbIt is an effective
hashtag that can be used on
posts including a Squerb link.

This helps people understand that "squerbing" is something you
, striking their interest, and prompting them to click the link.

TeamUp (for content calendar) http://teamup.com/ksc87f2c688eb1b0e6#/
Hootsuite (for scheduling posts in advance)
Google Drive (for team members to keep organized with theme week ideas, features to post about, etc.) http://goo.gl/MOfZpL
Canva (to create graphics) http://goo.gl/0GIjch

Trending hashtags should be monitored across channels to stay updated on current conversation.
Everyday Application
Main Areas of Improvement
Use more established hashtags instead of single words that people don't search for, like #tech #data and #marketing

Link to the website whenever possible to gain users

Refrain from linking channels together. All posts should optimize specific channel strengths.

A more focused direction overall instead of sporadic posts with no clear purpose

Work to create posts that show what Squerb is and does
Boosted Facebook Posts
Miller-Coors Brewing Company utilized influencer marketing by approaching their target market, trend-setting women, to "identify, create and facilitate the ideal environments / experience of the product, and work with them to engage an exponentially wider audience..."
Sponsored Tweets
You can boost anything you post
Then, choose your audience and key words, and set your budget
You can stop campaigns that aren't working, or continue campaigns that are doing well
Feature posts
Places around you
Feedback button
Website Updates
Create awareness for brands without potential users having to search anything.
Freightliner Trucks saw an increase in sign-up rate and engagement with 6,000 new members by promoting their new website and mobile app on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube:

The Test and Learn Process
The best way to optimize advertizing is by starting small and testing
We suggest promoting a different post everyday, starting at $1 http://goo.gl/sBaupo
Use Facebook / Twitter Analytics in collaboration with URL Shortener / Google Analytics
Numbers to Monitor
Adjusting Promoted Posts
Adjust posts that are being promoting until cost per impression is as low as possible.
Click-through rate:
number of clicks on a promoted post divided by the number of impressions (higher the better)

Average Cost per 1,000 Impressions:
Another method that gears more toward
a conversation and getting users to keep going back to the website would be to hold theme weeks on popular topics that week.


Themed content on Shark Week
has proven successful over
the years: http://goo.gl/myZpbg
Time Requirement
Ashley spends 4 hours on
Content aggregation
Graphic creation
Post scheduling for a 2-3 day period
Personal case studies
Ashley and Cassi currently work as social media managers.
Cassi spends 2 hours on
Content aggregation
Graphic creation
Researching the community
Post scheduling for a 1 day span
According to Social Media Examiner’s 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 36% of marketers spend more than 11 hours per week on social media and 62% spend more than 6 hours per week on social media.
Facebook during the week around lunch time
Twitter most active Monday - Wednesday
Instagram in the evenings
Here is a more visual way of doing this
This method is already utilized to some extent
Can you use it
in a sentence?
Strategy 4:
Squerb Is Marketable
Users can also be mentioned, which provides the opportunity to get retweeted by those users
While Squerb is difficult to directly define, there are still ways to get across what it is through social media.

Showing what people are already using Squerb for makes it conceptual to potential users.
Using hashtags to join in on current trends shows Squerb as a conversational tool.
Promoting its features shows the many capabilities of Squerb, which will also generate users.

Influencer marketing and promoted posts will spread these messages even further, which will lead to the ultimate goal of more website visits and more Squerbs.
Each week is consistant
#SquerbStories every other week
Our three month content calendar is scheduled with feature promotions and some ideas for #SquerbStories to get you started
These numbers combined and averaged suggest a total of approximately 11-12 hours per week.
Good post:
Uses relevant hashtags people search for
Hints to what Squerb does
Good post:
Uses a bright, relevant visual
Shows what Squerb is for
Cassidy Boyer
Project Manager
Lexis Gillette-Corsi
Gerald Hooper
Ashley Medlar
Sallina Poole
Rhianna Wyss
If those posts aren’t performing, stop them and try something new like
changing the picture
re-wording the post
choosing a new post entirely
The ultimate goal is to get traffic to website from social media.
Example: With an average cost of $.25 per 1,000 impressions, spending $4-$5
would provide 16,000 to 20,000 impressions and a range of 160 - 600 click throughs to website (based on average CTR of 1-3%)
According to Similarweb, 3.17 % of your 10,000
estimated visits to the website a month currently
come from social media.

We predict this will rise to 4-5% from our link-heavy campaign.
tweet exposure is based on a bidding system
the highest bidder for a certain term will appear at the top of user's feeds
Similar to Facebook
Target audience with keywords
Sponsored tweets will appear on the dashboards of those targeted
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