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Get your students talking with ICT

No description

Lua Ortega

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Get your students talking with ICT

Teens 3
Q & A with Prompt Material
Kids 3 - Teens 3 & 4 - Adults 3 & 4
Aims of this Workshop
What are your attitudes towards teaching with technology?
Get your students talking with ICT
Using computers isn't interactive. My students could do computer work at home.
I don't know anything about technology!
Why use computers anyway? We've got a perfectly good coursebook.
I don't like computers, so I don't see why I should use them in the classroom.
My students know much more about computers than I do.
I'd like to use computers more, but preparing materials is so time consuming.
JUNE 2014
to explore ideas and techniques to incorporate Web-based resources so as to hone the speaking skill.
to reflect upon our attitudes towards the use of technology in the classroom
to focus on the ever-changing and multiple roles performed by teachers when using e-learning tools
Zimmer Twins
Interactive Whiteboard
Tell me about ...
Spot the Difference
Interactive Whiteboard
Online Pictures
Online Games
Fakebook accounts
Cartoon Maker
Teens 4 - Adults 3 & 4
Simulated Situation
Go Animate
Are you taking away some ideas to blend technology with traditional teaching?
Can you ADOPT some of these activities, ADAPT them to engage your students in a meaningful way?
Thank you!
Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.

William Butler Yeats
New Roles as Teachers...
Content Curators
Inspiration Providers
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