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This is a presentation about the wonderful Greek Goddess.

Vicka Korotkov

on 21 March 2012

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Transcript of Artemis

Artemis' Symbols Some of the symbols that represent Artemis are the Bow, Arrows, Stags, Hunting Dogs, and the Moon ARTEMIS Goddess of the Hunt, Forests, Hills, and the Moon
Artemis' dad is Zeus, god of the sky
And Her mother is Leto
Her twin brother Apollo, is God of the sun while Artemis is the goddess of the moon.
Artemis' equivelent in Roman mythology is Diana Family Artemis Temple of artemis Apollo (left)
Artemis (Right) informational video of the virgin Some random fast facts- The name was originally "Pre-Greek"
A satelite of Saturn is named Phoebe which is associated with Selene which who she is
Artemis stands for women and girls which shows her respect for virgins
No myths can prove who was born first, Artemis or Apollo
Hera dislikes Artemis because Zeus fell in love with Leto, Artemis' mom http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artemis For more information visit: Hello Birth-
Hera forbade Leto to give birth to Artemis and Apollo. So Zeus turned Leto into a Mother Quail and sent her to the island of Ortygia. There Leto, a Mother Quail, laid two eggs which created the gods Artemis and Apollo. Artemis Riding the Moon Artemis' wish When Artemis was a young girl she amused herself on mountains
with archery. Once when Artemis was three years of age she sat
on Zeus' lap and she asked him to grant her 6 wishes.
-To remain a virgin for her life
-To have many names set upon from her brother, Apollo
-To be a "light bringer"
-To own a bow and arrow with a knee-length tunic so which she
can hunt in
-To have 60 Okeanos all with 9 years of age
-And to have 20 nymphs to watch her dogs and bow as she sleeps
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