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Ronald McDonald House Charities

An analysis of the strategies and solutions to build a house and its effect on the community

John Vernon

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ronald McDonald House Charities An analysis of the strategies and solutions to build a house and its effect on the community

By: John Vernon and
Wing-Cee Tang China RMHC Chicago RMHC Michiana Notre Dame Enactus RMHC Austin RMHC Portland RMHC Overview and History Overview of RMHC Leadership Strategic Planning Fund Raising Background RMHC China Our Study Inspiration Where do we go from here? What is Enactus? Findings for Enactus Formerly called Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), Enactus stands for for Entrepreneurial Action, and is the world's leading collegiate social service organization.
Enactus is a student organization dedicated to serving the community through business services and consulting
We compete every year at regional and national competitions RMHC Enactus Project
We follow the NAOES Model
Need, Action, Outcome, Empowerment, Sustainability
We decided to incorporate this project with the larger Enactus Project Analyzed the interviews of the executives and found common themes.
Created a guide for the Enactus team based on our information Work closely with the hospital especially board members, administrators, staff, and facilities.
Location, location, location!
Extend the timeline.
Develop a fund raising plan that will work for the community and with the resources available.
Look to ND! Findings for Enactus Students will need to be prepared to represent the group well
This will be a long project don't get discouraged
Persevere and don't loose sight of the end goal! Chicago House Visit! Celebrating 10 Years! Strategic Planning Leadership Fund Raising Strategic Planning Leadership Fund Raising Study Overview We wanted to identify the differences between Ronald McDonald House Charities in various locations throughout the country and globally.
What are their strengths in terms of strategic planning, fundraising, and leadership roles in their respective community? We interviewed leaders in RMHC Portland Chapter, Chicago Chapter, Austin Chapter, and also conducted research into the RMHC China Chapter
By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each of these chapters, our project team will be able to provide more useful suggestions for consideration in the development of Ronald McDonald House Michiana Chapter. Methods Goals We also talked to the Chapter Executives about their personal leadership style and what qualities are unique to RMHC.
This information will be summarized and reviewed to assist the Enactus group in their efforts to consult RMHC Michiana. Tom Soma is the CEO for the Portland Oregon RMHC. He has been with the program for over 14 years
The chapter currently has two Ronald McDonald Houses, and there are plans underway to build a Ronald McDonald Family Room.
the chapter also sponsors grant programs for children’s health especially in the area of dental care. Their larger house can accommodate 24 families and their smaller one can hold 16 families Doug Porter leads Chicago RMHC as the Chief Executive Officer.
This group has four Houses and one Family Room. Their newest house near Lurie Children’s Hospital is the largest Ronald McDonald House in the world. It is 14 stories high and serves 86 families.
The organization as a whole provides services to hundreds of families. Ann Jerome is the Chief Operating Officer of the RMHC Austin.
They have one house and three Family Rooms in the local hospitals.
It serves 30 families and there are 6 more bedrooms available across the different Family Rooms.
Started in 1985, the organization now serves about 1500 families per year Chose a location that was close to the area hospitals.
Global RMHC Requirements and feasibility study.
One specific concern that they often raise during the planning stages focuses on making sure an organization has the right amount of space for their guests.
They expanded the range for being able to stay at the house from the previous 50-mile minimum distance away, to 30 miles.
They allowed families of children who were 18 and under to stay, rather than age 21 and under, which is common practice at other houses.
Finally, another important suggestion offered is to maintain the intimacy of a small home atmosphere even when expanding to a bigger house. Reliable, sustainable and diverse fund raising plan. In Portland they ask people to pay $20 per night, if they can possibly afford it.
However, it is not a problem if they cannot pay; average payment is usually around $6.
Almost 25% of funding comes from local McDonalds, as well as some direct cash support, planned estates gifts, and endowments that range from $500K to $4 million dollars.
Charity events such as golf tournaments, auctions,
Tanner society of generous 2500 annual unrestricted donations.
Top tier donor recoggnition Soma's current position has evolved over the past decade during his tenure.
Building an effective team is one of the most important aspects effecting their organization.
Put time into good people, and the results will follow
Listen to your team but still be able to take time and reflect about what is going on. Background Good personal integrity distinguishes great leaders.
Leaders should be approachable, and do what they say they want to accomplish based on their vision.
The leader should bring everyone together, and it is important that others see him or her as trustworthy.
Be resourceful and fearless, but have a sense of humor and have fun with it. Timing is important.
Lots of support from local McDonalds stores, along with special events.
Individual annual donors play a major role.
Get people in the house. It will “sell itself.
Fund raising is a constant process They had a more difficult time finding the right design and property.
3 years to complete the development stage and their fundraising could not begin until this period had been completed.
Budget of $1.7 million
Worked closely with the hospital staff, especially those that are in charge of facilities.
Get community involvement in the planning and the development of the House. Hospital feasibility study with RMHC Global.
Were given a budget of $30 million for 5 years. Timeline for new projects is about 3 years.
This includes planning developmet, the capital campaign and the construction
The expertise that RMHC Chicago has acquired by having constructed three houses in the past six years is clearly an advantage as they begin their next project. Five major fundraising events.
In addition to ticket sales, they work on solicitation for planned giving and estate sharing from those in attendance at their functions.
In-kind gifts from donors for the house, such as a Lay-z-boy chair, or a duvet, books, and other wish list items.
Pledged giving over a stated period of time like a 5-year period to maintain the involvement of the donor in the process. Doug Porter comes from a Navy background.
He diverges slightly away from the military style approach in his current position as CEO.
His leadership style is based on believing that leaders should not tell, but instead inspire and influence those they lead.
“You need to trust the people you work with.”
A passion to help people truly in need is a necessity for success. Background Founded with help from McDonald's in 1974
A global network of chapters in 52 countries with Three core programs: Ronald McDonald House, Ronald McDonald Family Room, and Ronald McDonald Care Mobile
There are also programs like scholarships and grants Services Ronald McDonald House Over 305 Ronald McDonald's Houses in 52 countries and regions
Provide a nice place for families with hospitalized children who are receiving treatment to stay Ronald McDonald Family Room McDonald's Family Rooms operate in 19 countries and regionsUsually within the hospitalAccommodate over 3,000 families each day who live in the local community Ronald McDonald’s Care Mobile Operates in six countries
Provides mobile clinics that offer affordable health care for children in their own neighborhoods.
Serves more than 100,000 children a year, and saves families in the United States roughly $10 million in medical and dental costs each year Overview and History Founded in 2006, partner with China Soong Ching Ling Foundation
Originally planned to set up two Ronald McDonald House Family Rooms, and ten Ronald McDonald House Care MobilesHowever they initiated more short-term, periodical programs rather than RMHC core programs Programs Enable 60 children from the Tibet area with congenital heart disease to receive surgery
Organized fund raising activities after earthquake in Sichuan Province (picture 1)Taught children how to wash their hands correctly (picture 2)
Fund raising activities such as football game, golf tournament (picture 3 and 4) History Founded 10 years agoOnly focus on the RMHC Family Room program Programs Pretty small compared to other chapters
One family room with three beds
New plan!!!
Build a bigger RMHC in Michiana because the Memorial Children's Hospital is coming.... Side programs: scholarship, Red Shoe Crew Conclusions We would like to thank ND Enactus, RMHC Michiana, and the executives that were interviewed for this project.
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Gardner in Leading Minds - a plan cannot succeed unless it has clear vision
Fund Raising:
Covey - Circles of Concern
When it comes to fund raising it is important to know that there are somethings we cannot control
Gardner - a leader significantly affects the thoughts, feelings, and/or behaviors of a significant number of individuals. We are hopeful that the community will benefit from our project immensely, especially the families who are visiting their sick children in the hospital.
It is an excellent way for the University of Notre Dame to partner with the South Bend Community and provide hospitality, and services to families who are visiting the area from a distance and need the extra support.
Upon further reflection, our team recognized the importance of learning about leadership concepts and styles through our course this semester, which added to our interest and ability in approaching this project with RMHC.
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