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nicoAnimals of the Rain Forest

No description


on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of nicoAnimals of the Rain Forest

Animals of the Rain Forest
Spectacled Bear

By:Nico Puente

Ms Lisa's class

3rd Grade

Creatures Name And Description

A Spetacled bear can be identified by the gold,circular patterns of fur surroundings its eyes. These markings which can extend down to the chest the species was once know as spectacled bear
Interesting fact The Spectacle bear is nocturnal for hunt. The spectacle bear is unique because the idea of the spectacle bear is the eye look like glasses but is not is with an eye black.
Adaption of the Spectacled Bear
Interdependence with limited resources
How your animal is in endangered

The spectacled bear is in danger because people kill me so much. The jaguar kill me and also lions!!!

The rain forest is an interdependent ecosystem with limited resources my rain forest creature. spectated bear depend on other living things for its survival.

I depend on small creature and plants and fruit jaguars depend on me lions depend on me because they eat me!
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