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Crime During the Gilded Age

No description

Grace Thornley

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Crime During the Gilded Age

This cartoon shows that richer people or people with more power could get away with crimes such as stealing, while less wealthy or powerful people were not able to walk away from crime without a punishment.
Crime in America: Then and Now
By: Grace Thornley
During the Gilded Age murder was very rare, but murder rates were starting to grow in big cities. Also, as drug use rose so did violent crimes. Organized crime was started at this time,too.
Also, during the late 1800s professional police forces were formed to help stop and prevent crime. Another thing that helped stop some crime was higher employment rates.
Crime today has definitely change since the Gilded Age. It has not gone away completely, but the rates have gone down. Today homocide rates are at a historic low. Crime rates have declined 72% since 1993. All violence and crime levels have been decreasing over the last two decades.
Although crime rates have gone down since the Gilded Age crime still exists and is more common in big cities. Also, almost every town has its own police force to enforce the rules and stop crime.

This is a cartoon showing a powerful rich man stealing the national treasury, and a poor man stealing a television. It shows the police going after the poor man and the rich man stealing without punishment.
Also during the late 1800s powerful business men could steal from the government and not get caught or receive any punishment.
This graph show that the homicide rate in America has been decreasing since 1650 and is estimated to continue to decrease.

There was no way for the government to track down criminals.
There were no laws about stealing or murder.
There was less risk for criminals, therefore more crime happened.
Crime rates increased until police forces were formed.
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