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Marketing Contrex

No description


on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Marketing Contrex

Marketing Plan Executive Summary Status Quo Quentin Charvériat
Lisa Jannet
Kevin Koch
Audrey Perriat
Rafael Sevrin
Léa White Thank you for your attention Product Policy Keep our main products on top Objectives Recommendations Pricing Policy Distribution Policy Communication Policy New packaging Increase our market shares 11% 18% Conquer new customers with a new product Profit maximization Gain market shares quickly for our new product Adjusting our prices to our main competitors Market-oriented pricing plus launch promotions Intensive distribution Selective distribution Targeting our potential customers in specific areas To increase our main product visibility and availability Maintain our customers' loyalty and improve the brand awareness Communicating on the healthy benefits of our water Sponsoring specific events and fitness centers Make our customers buy and conquer new customers TV advertising, website advertising, promotions

Partnership with baby supplies manufacturers

Communication in the healthcare sector Increase our market shares in the water business market Objective Marketing Plan Marketing Strategy Become leader on the healthy water market through: Slightly increasing the price

Developing new product targeting new customers

Extending distribution channels Market Segmentation 3 criteria : Socio-demographic : gender, age, and, on a secondary level income.

Psychographic criteria : people with certain lifestyles (sporty people)

Behavioral criteria : expect benefits from the drinks (diets) Targeting Historically : concentrated strategy vs. differentiated strategy

We should opt for a concentrated strategy : 1. Target : women wishing to lose weight, babies

2. Priority target : 20 to 50 year old sporty women who have a decent income Product Positioning Supporting women in their quest of thinness by providing them essential minerals and contributing to the good hydration of the body. Source of volume Our customers that are loyal to our current products

New customers attracted by the new « baby bottle » Key elements of the marketing mix Product policy : offering a new packaging and the new « baby bottle »

Pricing policy : aligning our prices to our competitors

Communication policy : improving our brand awareness to make people buy our main and new products

Distribution policy: working on our intensive and selective distribution channels Situation Analysis Overview Mineral water brand by Nestlé Waters

Main Dates : 1760 discovery of the source
1891 : first bottles of mineral water
2011 : new marketing/advertising process Market Analysis Market Analysis (continued) McKinsey matrix BCG matrix Internal Analysis Strengths/Weaknesses of Nestlé

Strength/sWeaknesses of Nestlé Waters

Strengths/Weaknesses of Contrex External Analysis Opportunities on bottled water market
Threats on bottled water market

Opportunities on slimming water market
Threats on slimming water market Contrex is currently doing well
Lack of communication for a couple years
Opportunities : fitness market and baby waters Reinforce our brand awareness & image
Profit maximization
Increase our market shares Strong communication campaign
Launch new 3 bottles packaging
Launch baby water
Improve our distribution circuit Conclusion Marketing budget : 3.57 M€ Milestones
- 1.24 M€ for media communication
- 0.82 M€ for events organization, sponsoring and partnerships
- 0.51 M€ for distribution channels
- 1 M€ incentives for the marketing team Contrex' relative market share on slimness water market : In Volume : 0.97

In Value : 0.66
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