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Basics To Prezi Fall 2012

.:: Prezi basics. Includes tips and tricks to help your presentations look clean, innovative, and informative ::.

Instructional Technology Center

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Basics To Prezi Fall 2012

Groovy! P REZI These Are "What is a Prezi?" The Basics To Answering the question: Putting information on Group Group Member Member Member Member Member Member Member How do we
achieve this? 2000 2020 2005 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Creative an open canvas visualize workflows Brainstorm Ideas Statistics and Graphs Manipulate Size & Orientation Position text & color jpg png PDF swf 3 Group topic ideas 2 Zoom out to see the big picture Topic Topic by Co-Develop Projects With Prezi Meeting. Web! Over the sweet Innovative educational helpful awesome collaborative communication captivating productive ground-breaking web based fantastic Export to use offline! Present in person Embed into web pages! P So Let's Start REZI ! Learning To Use or online! gif audio The next step is to
create groups of information in meaningful ways. Adam Trisha Ash Carson First you must learn to You can also embed
YouTube videos! Zoom in to
see the details In person or... One Two Three Four Market User Repeat user Some Many Few potential Visitor of Files The Prezi Interface of course! ed Remember that
PowerPoint? by Adam Pocius Prezi can still show But now you can Just be video When you are all done... Charts can be fun! Pictures with We broke zoomed You can insert different shapes and lines! Import a lot Click a topic to view it Then define a path to progress through the Prezi! The "Zebra" Excellent! and Blackboard
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