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Conflicts George Washington Faced During His Presidenct

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Jaiden Lewis

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Conflicts George Washington Faced During His Presidenct

Conflicts George Washington Faced During His Presidency
Jaiden Lewis
Block 2A
The Whiskey Rebellion
The Whiskey Rebellion took place in 1794.Farmers living in western Pennsylvania did not want to pay taxes on whiskey because they thought it was unfair. Washington wanted to pay off the national debt.
Solutions To The Whiskey Rebellion
Washington used military force to make the farmers pay taxes.The 13,000 soldiers did not have to fight because the farmers gave in.
This conflict was solved using military force.
Establishing A National Bank
The U.S. established a bank in 1791. Alexander Hamilton wanted to establish a national bank to keep people's money safe, give out loans, and to build a mint. Washington, Hamilton, and Jefferson argued about it.
This conflict arose over ideology.
This conflict arose over resources.
Solving The Conflict Over Establishing A National Bank
It was resolved by a majority rules. Washington and Hamilton supported the idea but Jefferson opposed.
This conflict was solved by using diplomacy.
Northwest Territory
In 1794 there was a conflict between the Native Americans and the Americans. Americans were invading the Native American's territory. The Native Americans tried to defend their land against the Americans.
This conflict arose over territory.
Solutions To The Northwest Territory Conflict
Britain gave the Native Americans weapons, so the settlers and the Native Americans had the Battle of Fallen Timbers. After the battle, the settlers signed the Treaty of Greenville which gave the settlers most of the Native Americans northwestern territory.
This conflict was solved by military force.
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