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henz pis-o

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Sharepoint

Collaboration: Sites and Pages
Personalization Search Enterprise Content Management Business Processes and Forms Business Intelligence Used in the process of aggregating, analyzing, and reporting on business data to support rational business decisions five ECM components and technologies *Capture
*Deliver Why do Organizations need ECM? it is the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. Business Intelligence Tools and Applications Performance Point Services

Excel Services


Chart Web Parts

Sharepoint Indicator
- used to create powerful, dynamic dashboards -used to publish Excel workbooks to Sharepoint Server and specify certain settings, such as user permissions. Then, you and other users can easily access those workbooks by using a Web browser, even if Microsoft Excel is not installed on your computer - extends Microsoft Visio by enabling users to save Visio diagram to SharePoint Server as Web Drawings - enable you to create or use interactive charts on a SharePoint site - enable SharePoint users to easily create or view one-line reports that show whether performance is on or off target for a particular measure SharePoint is a Microsoft collaborative product, also known as groupware. Different people will have access to a particular software product and modify it, enhance it, or change it before final delivery. It is a browser based program that works with a SQL database or C# or Visual Basic back end. It can be used for collaboration or document and records management. Workflow and personalization aspects are also available. Microsoft SharePoint allows users
to create multi-dimensional
web portals of information and document collaboration services.
Facilitating seamless access,
SharePoint offers a major overhaul
in business information dissemination. •Originally labeled
Digital Dashboard
the first Microsoft web portal
introduced online elements (portals)
that held brief
snapshots of information. That said, as it so happened,
at the same time a project
that would prove very beneficial
to the online office project was
being undertaken
called SharePoint Team Services (STS).
These services allowed users
to access shared files online.
Such web based
information and media dissemination
opened up huge potential
for online users and
in effect solved one of the key problems
with the Digital Dashboard project. Microsoft achieved this end
by paying $1.23 billion
for FAST
(Fast Search & Transfer). SharePoint
evolved from projects codenamed
"Office Server” and “Tahoe”
during the Office XP development cycle. Microsoft SharePoint is a Web application platform developed by Microsoft. First launched in 2001 Organizations can easily create portal sites that connect individual sites across an organization and consolidate access to existing business applications.

Teams and individuals in an organization can use a portal site to access the expertise, information, and business applications that they need in order to do their jobs.

**experience of a portal site can
be personalized for individual users. • Search or browse for information across the entire portal site.

• Create and update documents or track projects on their team sites.

• Visit other team sites to locate contact or project information.

• Query business data stored in line-of-business applications.

• Review sales data in customized dashboards.

• Use workflows to implement business processes, such as expense report approval.

• Update personal information on the Human Resources site.

• Use search and My Site to locate colleagues with specific expertise or knowledge.
can now perform on different sites or pages within their intranet portal site: • Customize information and content on their personal My Site sites.

• Receive personalized views of information, based on their individual roles, when they view certain sites.

• Post ideas or information to blogs and wikis.

• Archive important business documents on a Records Center site.

• Help protect information from unauthorized access.

• Easily update information on individual sites in the portal.

• Review announcements of important company events or information. search plays an integral part of any successful SharePoint deployment
and is an area that Microsoft continues to invest in with each new release of SharePoint
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