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Inventions & Discoveries in the Edwardian Era

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on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Inventions & Discoveries in the Edwardian Era

Inventions & Discoveries In the Edwardian Era New Century
New World Life Sciences and Chemistry Here comes the science bit... Physics Engineering, Transport &
The Continental Drift Inventions for the People The Eccentric Victorian Inventor Never Dies... Oddballs Blood Groups




Hormones Monorail - 1901
Disk Brake - 1901
Spark Plug - 1902
Multistage Rocket
Continental Drift
Stainless Steel
Assembly Line
The Titanic
The Parachute Safety Razor
Air Conditioning
Teddy Bear
Vacuum Cleaner
Tour de France
Thermos Flask
Sound Radio
Colour Photograph
London 'Black Taxis'
Electric Washing Machine
Neon Lights
Cinema Newsreels Thank You For Listening
Do You Have Any Questions? Thank You For Listening Radiation

The Theory of Relativity & E=mc2

The Structure of An Atom Measurements of various quantities are relative to the velocities of observers. In particular, space and time can dilate. The speed of light is still the same though. Spacetime: space and time should be considered together and in relation to each other. In the '20s they were telling us we'd all have our own private plane and take vacations to the moon.
-Jay Chiat It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill.
-Wilbur Wright Neil Armstrong Michael Colins Edwin Eugene
Aldrin, Jr.
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