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Coco-Cola: Fitness On The Horizon?

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Christian Albouras

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Coco-Cola: Fitness On The Horizon?

-Spend $2.9 B/annually on advertising
-More than Apple and Microsoft combine
-94% of the World recognize Coke's Logo
-9 yrs to drink all beverages
-2.8 M Vending Machines

What Does This Mean for U.S.?
Coca-Cola: Is Fitness On The Horizon?
Brief History
-Founded in 1886
-First Bottled in 1894
-Contour Design Came in 1916
Running into problems
Competitors were duplicating
This Bottle Gave uniformity
The beginning of their Brand Identity

-Very Commonly used
-Vast Product line
-Many of these products we know
-However, some will surprise us
-Let's take a look

Less Commonly Known Coca-Cola Products
Their Strategy, Our Consumption
-399 servings/citizen/year
-1.7 million tons of sugar/year from Coke products
-Equals 10.8 lbs of consumed sugar/person/year from Coke products
Irreversible Health Damages?
Obesity in Children
-In 2010, > 1/3 of Children/adolescents were obese
-Last 30 years, rates up 200%
-Result of "caloric imbalance" "excess fat"

-CDC States as "Prevention": "Schools play a particularly critical role by establishing a safe and supportive environment with policies and practices that support healthy behaviors.."
Jones College Prep HS
Is This Unethical?
Harvard School of Public Health:
Obesity vs. Soft Drinks
-2/3 Adults are overweight or obese
-Portion increases
- 1989 to 2008, daily calories from sugary beverages increased 60% in children ages 6-11
-1 in 4 Americans drink 200 calories per day of soda
-1 can/day=26% increased of
- Sugary (Soda, Energy, Sports ) drink top calorie source intake in teens’ diets (226 calories/day) > pizza (215 calories)

What is Coca-Cola Doing To Prevent The "Caloric" Footprint?
Is this enough?
-Who drinks the smaller cans?
-Less Machines in Schools
-Coca-Cola mentions working on providing sugar subs
-Drank Any? If so, how was it?

Zevia Soda
What is Stevia
-Found in Paraguay
-200x sweeter than sugar
-Naturally calorie free
-Naturally carb free
-FDA approved sweetener
-No effect on blood glucose levels
-No effect on insulin levels
-Perfect for Diabetics
Why hasn't Coca-Cola Implemented a sub yet?
This Change Would Look Like?
-New Suppliers
-Altered Recipes
-Some graphic designs
-Maybe new manufacturing
Nothing more than what they already Do, right?

The Usual
Direct Attack on US Health?
Concluding Thoughts
-Do you think they are truly committed to combating obesity?

-Is this campaign just a strategic PR move?

-Is there lack of utilizing a substitute like stevia, an indication of them not being committed to reversing some of the damage they have done?
Vision on The Horizon
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