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My Sister's Keeper


Lauren Kratochwill

on 12 April 2010

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Transcript of My Sister's Keeper

Double click anywhere & add an idea My Sister's Keeper Kate Anna Sara "fascinating character study framed by a complex, gripping story... A beautiful, heartbreaking, controversial, and honest book."
- Booklist (starred review) "It's diffcult to find a book combining a timely moral dilemma with well-drawn characters for whom one cares. Picoult has written such book."
- The Boston Herald "thoughtful, thought-provoking and
readable work is... arguably her best
and most succesful accessible effort
to date."
- The Denver Post "...compelling and believable."
- Richmond Times Dispatch My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult is a controversial story dealing with grace, wisdom, and sensitivity. This book is a great example of displaying real life in a matter of words. She uses a girls struggle for survival while battling cancer. It's well written in a way that isn't sugar coated but is still bearable. I really enjoyed reading this book and would reccomend it to anyone looking for an itriguing read that will keep you interested. I found it to be one of those books that you can't put down. This book didn't leave anything out and was more or less a learning process for me, displaying the hardships of the process Kate was undergoing. I wouldn't reccomend this book to anyone who can't deal with emotion because this book is filled with it. Other than that, I reccomend that everyone reads this book at some point in their life, you will enjoy it! Sara is the mother of Kate, Ana, and Jesse and married
to Brian. Sara is the rock of the family even though at times it's hard for her to show it. Sara's life is focused on saving Kate, and at times neglecting her other two children. Sara is often on the edge and overwhelmed with the drama that Kate's process brings to the family, but at the same time she is focused. Sara's character displays a new meaning of the word mother. There is nothing more important to her than keeping her child alive. She might keep her attention on one kid, Kate inparticular, longer than the others but there's no doubt that Sara loves all her kids, and would do anything for them. My sister's keeper by Jodi Picoult shows what it means to be a good person, a good parent, and a good sister. Anna is not sick, but she might as well be. Anna was concieved through invitro fertilization, being a perfect match to Kate. She was brought into this world for the purpose of the saving her sister's life. By age thirteen shes been through countless surgies and had been to the hospital enough times to call it her second home. Anna petitions for medical emancipation, the rights to her own body. With Sara being an ex-lawyer she decides to represent herself and Brian in the lawsuit with the goal of convincing Anna to drop the suit. During the trial it is revealed that Anna was put up to the emancipation by Kate herself, saying she wanted her sister to stop having to suffer for her. The judge rules favor with Anna granting Anna's lawyer Campbell responsible for helping Anna make medical decisions until the age of eighteen. On the way home from the trial Anna is involved in a car accident. With Brian being a firefighter he was immediately called to the scene where he rescued Anna from the seat she is sprawled out on and is taken to the hospital. After being rushed to the hospital the doctor's declare Anna brain dead. Campbell decides to take order and request her kidney being donated to a girl upstairs, that girl being her sister Kate. The surgery took place and Kate recieved Anna's kidney. Kate's body rejects the kidney at first but soon adapts. As the book ends eight years after the accident and the passing of Anna, Kate's expliantion to her miracle of survival was "Someone had to go, and Anna took her place." Anna Fitzgerald was definitely not a mistake,
she was born a perfect match to her sister Kate struggling with leukemia. Throughout her life she has donated bone marrow, blood, and stem cells. It wasn't until the age of thirteen that they demanded a kidney. Anna and her sister are closer than close. Anna knows donating her kidney would save her sister but it would also be creating risks for herself. She struggles with the thought and files for medical emancipation, after being asked by her sister. Anna rebels against her family and battles with all the struggles it brings to their family all in order to do what her sister asked and to keep her happy.
Sixteen year old Kate has been struggling battling leukemia throughout the majority of her life. She was diagnosed with APL, acute promyelocytic leukemia, at the age of two. Apart from her sickness she's still just a girl. Kate loves going to the beach and dancing. All Kate wants is a normal life and with nonstop visits to the hospital that is nearly impossible. Kate struggles with the thought that not only is her disease killing her, but it's killing her family too. It's hard for people to understand what she's going through when their not in her position. She meets Taylor, a fellow cancer patient, who she dates up until he passes. Taylor was Kate's support system throughout the process, there for her every step of the way. When he passed Sara had to explain to her that although Taylor was no longer with her, her family was always and will always be there for her.
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