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JMP 8.0 Tutorial

No description

Chris Smith

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of JMP 8.0 Tutorial

. Everyone completed our task Expert = 4 minutes 50 seconds Intermediate = 4 minutes 50 seconds Beginner = 5 minutes 5 seconds, but... "It was really straightforward" "This made JMP seen easy to use" Our task was a piece of cake apparently... Conclusions
Used call outs to areas of confusion Orginal document a little boring Almost There Some instructions were slightly confusing Used some bright imagry to make
document more appealing Incorporated text boxes Introduction
Methods Results However, some things were confusing... One problem, subjects were confused about "clicking on red arrows" Others, noted that "gray area" wasn't specific Three Test Subjects Beginner Intermediate Advanced Instructions to follow 1. Click here
2. Do this
3. Yadda
4. Yadda Not Really Table Chart Analysis Flow of thought Timed Changes Biology Junior
Little statistics experience Marine Biology Sophmore
Took Stat 101
Used JMP Senior
Taken several stats and higher math classes
Been introduced to JMP but doesn't use it. Final Document Original Document Brainstorming Original Document suggestions
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