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Abuse/Neglect Assessment

No description

Chloe Werner

on 8 November 2014

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Transcript of Abuse/Neglect Assessment

If you see it, hear about it, or suspect it... Report it.
Suspicion of Abuse/Neglect Protocol
As an employee of the school district, if you suspect abuse/neglect, you are legally responsible for making certain that a report is made to the Department of Human Service (DHS) immediately. This legal responsibility is not satisfied by reporting your suspicion to other school personnel.
Notifying DHS
Fill out a "Known/Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect Reporting Form"
fill out the form as completely as possible either before or after calling DHS

Call the Department of Human Services (DHS): 970-498-6990 to complete a verbal report

Fax a copy of your form to Larimer Co. DHS: 970-498-6995

Keep a a copy for your records

Counselors, teachers, principals, and other school staff are mandated reporters.
Mandated reporting is a person's legal responsibility to make a report when abuse is observed, disclosed, or suspected
Any time you notify DHS about known or suspected child abuse/neglect it is important to notify your administrator as well.
If DHS investigates a report and a child is found to be in danger...
A change in placement of the student (i.e. foster care, other facility) will ensure that DHS will notify either the school district or the Director of Security Operations at the school.
Students who are removed from their home will need increased support and consistency at their school
Involvement of the school counselor
Even if a counselor is not the one making the report, it is helpful for them to be notified after a report is made.
They may be able to provide support to the student, as well as be aware of additional impacts the situation may have on that student's school situation.
He/she can follow up with the student in the next several days to monitor the student’s social, emotional, and physical well being.
What to do when abuse/neglect is known or suspected
Adapted from Poudre School District Information
Chloe Werner
Abuse/Neglect Assessment
Mandated Reporting
Reports may or may not get investigated.
If multiple mandated reporters are notified of the suspected abuse, each reporter should make an individual report.
Multiple reports might increase the likelihood of a case being investigated or followed up

If no follow up is made the day of the report, and you suspect the student is in immediate danger you can...

Consult with your administrator and send the student home if there is a clear understanding that the student will not be in any danger.

Remain with the student until police or DHS staff arrive, if they are currently on their way to school.

Call the appropriate law enforcement agency if the student refuses to go home, is afraid to go home, or appears to be in imminent danger.

Fort Collins Police Services: 970-221-6540
Larmier Co. Sherriff’s Office: 970-416-1985

The role of a mandated reporter is to report suspected abuse.

It is NOT their responsibility to investigate the situation.

How involved should you get?
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