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Abbie Thomson 2W2 My Summer

No description

Inveralmond chs

on 1 September 2011

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Transcript of Abbie Thomson 2W2 My Summer

My Summer Holiday Also went to Kent to visit my uncle, auntie, cousins and their gran and grandad. Their gran and grandad had a cute chihuahua called Mesha and they also had some fish. I went to Miltion Keynes to visit my anties cousins and uncles. We went to London with my dad, mum, antie, uncle, brother and cousins. My dad, mum,cousin and I, went on the London Eye and all of us went site seeing. My 13th Birthday On My Birthday I got lots of nice presents. My mum,dad and brother took me to a nail bar and to the cinima to see Super 8. After I had a chocolate fudge cake to look forward to. Kent Alton Towers I went to Alton Towers with my dad, mum, uncle and brother. I loved it and went on all the scary rides like Oblivion, Air ect. Milton Keynes On my Birthday I got a new hairdryer, new straighteners, money, a hoop jump for my dog and lots more. My dogs name is Misty and she is a Rough Collie like Lassie. By Abbie Thomson 2W2.
Summer 2011.
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