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tania sunner

on 17 September 2017

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Transcript of Government

Ancient Rome and Ancient greece better laws and gaovernment
Ancient Rome and Ancient Grecce
which had better laws and government
Ancient greece
ancient greece had manny types of government greece had many different city-states. Each of the city-states had there own government.the greeks idea about the government were the ideas that made such a good government. It also changed over time the greek philoshper aristotl divided the greek to different sections like monarchies, oigarchies, tyrannies and democracies. in the bronze age all the greek city states beacame monarchies that were ruled by kings. after the dark ages only a few of the greek city states were ruled by kings.
Rome didn't have it easy they were ruled by the etruscans in the seventh century. that meant it was under monarchy. later the roman got control of the etruscan and made rome. public so the people of rome elected people to share leadership.
Ancient Rome
Which had better laws and government
I think that greece has a better government because it had great laws and government and everyone was able to be in a free country they had great laws and government and they werent ruled by one person and they had many governments. Not like rome where the were ruled by a king and they weren't aloud to do many things they also did not have great laws and government because they were ruled by monarchy.
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