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CFOR 101 (Fa '16) T06 - Memorize the Mind of God

Click on the bottom right ARROW to proceed. Then, move your cursor at the bottom to MORE, click on Fullscreen, press ESC to exit Fullscreen mode . . .

Hartmut Scherer

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of CFOR 101 (Fa '16) T06 - Memorize the Mind of God

Part 1: Hear His Voice (God's Word)
Memorize the
Mind of God (ch. 5)

Memorizing with a New Perspective
What needs to change?
- memorizing is about today
- makes us to the kind of person who walks in the Spirit today
- being “renewed in the spirit of your minds” (Eph 4:23, and to
be renewed in the spirit of your minds)
Lighten the Process of Memorization
- make it a habit of grace
- combine it with meditation
"When we pursue Scripture memory with meditation, we . . . are enjoying food for our soul today and experiencing transformation now." (David Mathis)
What is my focus?
My Experience with Memorizing Scripture
Complete the statement(s) that best fits you.
I have never tried to memorize Scripture because . . .
I no longer try to memorize Scripture because . . .
I have memorized Scripture in the past, and some techniques
I’ve found helpful are . . .
I am currently memorizing Scripture because . . .
Five Tips for Bible Memory
“Meditation is the nonnegotiable habit of grace I want to practice each day.” (David Mathis)
1. Diversify Your Picks
2. Take the Verse with You During the Day
3. Seek to Understand, Feel, and Apply the Text as You Memorize
4. Turn Your Text into Prayer
5. Memorize in Light of the Gospel
- we are listening to the voice of our Creator and Redeemer
feeding and shaping
feeding and shaping
“One of the most underrated benefits of memorizing Scripture is that it provides fuel for meditation.” –Donald S. Whitney
List 1-2 of the 5 tips you think will be most helpful
Bible Reading and Meditation
- select one of the following passages: Psalm 1; Psalm 23;
Psalm 27; Psalm 42; Psalm 63; Psalm 86
- try to answer some of the following questions:
What Does This Tell Me About God?
What Does This Tell Me About Me or Humans?
What If It Were Me?
How Does This Fit Into the Grand Narrative?
Is There Anything I Need to Know, Stop, Change, or Do?
- choose a verse or phrase for meditation
- write down what God has impressed on your heart
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