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An Animal Cell Compared to An Office Building

No description

Ethan Gemzik

on 26 October 2014

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Transcript of An Animal Cell Compared to An Office Building

The Boss is like the Nucleolus. He or she gives out and modifies the orders given to the rest of the building. This ties to the Nucleolus in that the Nucleolus sends out and modifies the ribosomes that tell the rest of the cell what to do.
The Nucleus is like the Boss' office. It holds the Boss, who runs things like the nucleolus, and it is held together by the walls, like the Nuclear Envelope.
The Walls
The walls to the Boss' office keep out people and things that are unwanted. This is similar to the Nuclear Envelope. The Nuclear Envelope is tasked with holding the nucleus together.
The Mitochondria is like the generator in the building. It generates the energy for the cell like the generator for the office building. It takes in nutrients and uses them to produce energy.
The Ribosomes are like the builders who built and are lding expansions to the building. They connect one Amino Acid at a time to create the necessary proteins.
Golgi Apparatus
The Golgi is like the development team. They combine ideas until the product becomes more and more complex to the point where it is complete, like how the Golgi combines molecules to create more complex ones.
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
Smooth ER is like the equipment in the basement to the building. It makes sure the cell is healthy by controlling the metabolism, steroid production, and hormone production. The equipment in the basement also monitors the condition in the cell and adjusts if needed.
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulm
The Rough ER is like the supply closet in an office building. It creates and supplies the cell with proteins where ever they are needed. It also does checks oon the proteins in the cel in case they are in need of replacement.
The Nucleus is the Boss' Office
Endoplasmic Reticulum
Plant Cells are like an Office Building
The Boss
Cell Membrane
The Cell Membrane is like the walls of the building. It monitors what comes in and what goes out.
Cilia and Flagella
The Cilia and Flagella are like the cars in the parking lot. They allow for the movement of the cell, although the entire building itself can't move, the workers that make it run can.
The Centriole
The Centiole is like the team tasked with branching out the company into new areas, because The centriole is used for when the cell splits.
Lysosomes are like the waste disposal system in the buiding. It digests things in the cell, like waste. This is similar to how the janitorial staff processes waste and breaks it down to be disposed of.
Peroxisomes are similar to Lysosomes but the deal with more toxic waste, like the sewage disposal team deals with more disgusting waste than the regular janitorial staff.
The Cytoskeleton is like theinner walls of the building, keeping the floors up and rooms sectioned off. The Cytoskeleton helps with shape and support of the cell.
The Vacuoles are the cafeteria. They store nutrients and food for the cell, like the cafeteria does for the building.
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