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Cheroki Thompson

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Cheroki Thompson
5th Period
3/12/13 Booker T. Washington Why civic and political participation is important; and how was Booker a good example What issues or events motivated Booker to take action How society is different because of Booker's work Why Booker deserves a national holiday How others and I living today benefit from his efforts Bibliography Booker T. Washington influenced change when he turned the place where he worked into a creative, agricultural and industrial training industry in which he had persuaded the white's that it would do nothing to harm them or change anything; it was just so they could get an education and because he was a very influental speaker it was passed. That he was aloud to have the industry therefore starting education for very many African American's. One reason Booker T. Washington diserves a national holiday because he was the first African-American to have the honor of being invited to the White House. Society is different because of Booker's work because he helped in getting equal rights for African-American's.He did this by showing the white's that they to are capable of getting an education and that they to are capable of owning a business or their own land that they to could take care of themselves. Some people benefit from Booker because they might go to Tuskegee University. Because of him African Americans now have equal rights just as any American citizen. -http://www.Biography.com
-http://www.docsouth.unc.edu How Booker influenced change Civic and political participations are important because every American citizen should take responsibility and know your community and country.Booker T. Washington was a good example because he was a very powerful speaker and he knew how to persuade both the black and white communities, he was also a confedential advisor to President Theodore Roosevelt and President William Howard Taft. Something that motivated Booker to take action are how he had always wanted to get an education and learn to read and write and when he had actually been able to he wanted it to be the same for many others.
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