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Untitled Prezi

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Julio Luna

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

A Bad Day Juan is a 19 years old student.
He lives in El Paso, Texas.
He is from Juarez.
He studies at EPCC
campus Valle Verde.
He is an outstanding student.
He is the man of the house Juan was in class when his cell phone did not stop to vibrate, but he ignored it. When he was going to turn off his cell phone, he could see that his mother was calling to him. He called his mother back.
His mother sounded
distraught, scared, and
All of sudden the lines
goes dead. Juan did not know what to do because his uncle did not answer the phone. He was so nervous; he did not stop to think about his mother. Juan as any person had problems finding a
parking space. He had to park in a different
place every day. He drove to Juarez as fast as he could. He became more
stressed when
he realized that
there was a long line. He had been waiting around an
hour in the line. He became
angry and desperate It turned more stressful
when all the cars were
honking at the same time A car cutting in line. It was driving
on the sidewalk, trying to take
a shortcut. He did the same thing because he was so desperate. He was happy because he skipped many cars, and he was nearer to cross in to Juarez. He did not see the police
and the border patrol
were checking the cars’
stickers before they cross
to Juarez The police saw him when he was driving on the sidewalk and they stopped him. He was sad because his sticker expired. Thus, the police gave him two fines. After all these drawbacks, he continued his way to his uncle’s house He was driving
as fast as
he could. On his way, he just could only think about his mother and sister. He was imagining many different terrible accidents that might occur to his family. When he came to his
uncle’s house... He saw many cars parking around
the neighborhood. Surprise His mother and sister explained they could not celebrate his birthday last week. Therefore, they decided to plan a surprise party. They knew Juan is a good boy and he deserved a party. They also knew he would come to investigate what was happening. It was a
terrible joke.
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