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Avro Arrow

Avro Arrow Photo Essay

Martin Reyad

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Avro Arrow

Avro Arrow. The aircraft and gathered observers. Many people come to look at what could have been one the most efficient aircraft in its time.
Avro Arrow is unveiled in 1957, many people gather around to see a new aircraft revealed. They are all eager to see the new invention and what may be the future of Canada.
The performance and characteristics of Avro Arrow. When compared to most planes at its time and even now, this aircraft was and could have been one of the most advanced airplanes ever made.
This is the Avro Arrow under construction, it has a powerful engine, special fire control, and missile systems that were designed specifically for the Arrow, at great expense. This picture shows the Avro Arrow when in the process of being made. This is what made one of the best aircraft to this day.
A replica of the famous Avro Arrow is rolled out at the Canadian Air and Space Museum in 2008. Even 50 years after its first flight, the Avro Arrow still stirs feelings of pride, regret, and marvel in many Canadians.
Avro Arrow Was a
Historical Marvel
A crowd surrounds the Avro CF-105 Arrow in a photo taken before the Canadian government abruptly ended the project and ordered the built planes destroyed. If Avro Arrow was not destroyed it may have changed the technology of aircraft now and how they work.
Avro Arrow vs. CF-35A. The Avro Arrow was an advanced, all-weather supersonic interceptor jet that was developed in the 1950s. Several prototypes were built and flight tests were conducted, but the project was abruptly shut down in 1959 and the aircraft never went into production. Even compared to a modern aircraft, it can still reach higher speeds than the other model.
Model design of how the Avro Arrow looks. This was one of the greatest aircraft inventions ever but there is nothing left of it other than models similar to it.
Avro Arrow a dream destroyed. One of the fastest aircraft in history was destroyed because there was not enough money even though it could have helped Canada in many ways.
The first Avro Arrow is wheeled out of a hangar in Malton, ON, on October 4, 1957. Many individuals came and looked upon one of the most developed aircraft ever made in the 1950s.
Martin Reyad
Mr. Ellsworth
January 13, 2014
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