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Pollution of Seine River

No description

Nina Shields

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Pollution of Seine River

There are simple things the Parisians can do to prevent water pollution:
Don't litter
Organize a community cleanup
Use green cleaners
Use natural fertilizers
Buy organic food
Dispose responsibly President Jacques Chirac vowed to clean up the waterway in the 1980s World War 1
Increased pollution of the water
Building of dams Electric cars can help reduce pollution
5,663 electric cars sold in France in 2012
ranked 4th of top selling electric car countries High loads of heavy metals, nutrients, sediment, and bacteria
Pollution influenced by runoff and inadequate sewage treatment facilities
1.9 mg/L copper level and 456 mg/L lead level
High concentrations of zinc, significant amount of toxic pollutants:
pesticides Paris is doing a good job of reviving the Seine's health as it was before World War 1, but the river is still polluted and the city can do more to help Are the Parisians doing enough to prevent further pollution of the Seine River? by Nina Shields Pollution of the Seine River The Clean Up There's Still More To Do However, Seine is still polluted Is it enough? Seine was too dirty for swimming Pollution Came in Many Forms:
Plastic Bottles
Airplane fuel
Fertilizer residue
Industrial, farming, and domestic toxins By 1995, the Atlantic salmon were gone and only 3 fish species remained in Seine's dirty waters Annual Paris à la Nage swimming race in Seine was cancelled for 60 years because of unsafe pollution levels The project has helped improve the river's marine life by
building a water purification plant
having 20 years of rigorous water quality controls
setting strict pollution regulations
making efforts to remove plastic detritus from the water Thanks to the city's clean water SWAT team, the river is as clean today as it was 150 years ago now 33 species of fish
hundreds of fish swimming in 2009
Atlantic salmon returned
Salmon is a bio-indicator, so pollution has hence improved
Paris à la Nage took place again There's Still More To Do
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