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What Makes Teacher Great

No description

Kate Wolfe

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of What Makes Teacher Great

But we don't all start in the same place.
Or have the same provisions. What Makes Great Teachers Great?
The Socio-Emotional Side to Effective Teaching Promoting Social Justice in the Classroom:
How Effective Teachers Impact Student Success Education is a journey. 55 Identified Minority Groups 2011 NAEP Average 4th Grade Reading Scores
(scale: 0-500) 2011 NAEP Average 4th Grade
Reading Scores
(scale 0-500) 2011 NAEP Average 4th Grade
Math Scores
(Scale 0-500) 2011 NAEP Average 4th Grade
Math Scores
(Scale 0-500) The Effects of Poverty on Speech and Vocabulary Looking to the future... Share of At-Risk Students on PISA:
Reading Share of At-Risk Students on PISA:
Math Percentage of Country's Students in
PISA Top-Performing Groups What do we do about it? How Long Do Students Attend School?
Days in a Year How Long Do Students Attend School?
Minutes in a Day How Much Do We Spend? Student/Teacher Ratio Which factor is a strong predictor of student achievement gains? Which factor is a strong predictor of student achievement gains? Influences on Student Achievement:
Explained Variance Dallas Research:
Teacher Quality Dallas Research:
Teacher Quality Time in School Needed to
Achieve the Same Amount of Learning Estimates of Dismissing Ineffective Teachers & Student Achievement Value of Adding Highly
Effective Teachers Value of Highly Effective Teachers Their students:
Are more likely to attend college
Are less likely to have children as teenagers
Earn more money ($52,000)
Live in better neighborhoods
Save more for retirement Building a better for all. Research indicates that in American public school systems, effective teachers are among the most inequitably distributed resources. Distribution of Teacher Quality Index by School Poverty Effective teachers are born. And made. Most Memorable Teacher? Write a word or phrase to describe your most memorable teachers. Which of these is closest to your response? Used cooperative learning
Gave great tests
Maintained control of the classroom
Had a major in mathematics Cared about me
Made learning fun
Challenged Me Know their students
Create relationships
Create supportive and warm environments
Respect confidentiality
Educate students to fullest potential. The Teacher as a Person Fairness and Respect Students associate fairness with respect, consistency, and student input.
Effective teachers avoid ridicule.
Allow students to maintain respect in front of peers. Social Interactions Consistently friendly, personal, yet appropriate
Give students responsibility
Sense of fun and willingness to play or participate Reflective Practice Reflect formally or informally
Related to high student achievement rates
Related to sense of efficacy and high expectations Enthusiasm for Learning High teacher motivation relates to high student motivation
Enthusiasm for learning
Involvement in graduate studies Effective teachers care for the student first as a person, and second as a student. Dr. James Stronge
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