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Events Presentation

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Bridget Devine

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Events Presentation

"Something devised to publicize or advertise a product, cause, institution, etc.

....as a brochure,
free sample,
television or radio commerical,
or personal appearance."
Event Planning
- The activity of
developing or designing a display,
themed activity, occasion or exhibit.
It is important to identify the target audience!
Types of Events
The Classic
The Installation
The Party
The Sponsor
The Digital
A Story Come to Life
Special events have the capacity to bring your advertising campaign to life.
Chipotle Culture
Emotional appeal
Social justice
Fairness to farmers, animals, etc.
Environmentally friendly
"Feel good Foods"
Chipotle Cultivate Festival
Free yearly festival held in major cities (including Chicago!)
Food & drink, speakers, live music
Chef's demonstrate cooking techniques, discuss quality and origin of all meats and produce
"Back to the Start"
Bringing it all Together
Special events should incorporate your campaigns overall message, like "Red Bull gives you wings," in a way that brings it to life while focusing on
Your company's image/culture
Your audience's appeal to the product
In Class Activity
Pick a product your character would use, then create an event for it that would attract your target audience while promoting your brand.
Analyze your character:
What type of event would interest them?
Analyze your brand:
How would you tie your brand's culture to the audience you're trying to target?
Snapple's "White Tea Tour: The Lightest Tea on Earth"
B&O Play A8

BeoLab 14

What is Promotion?
Types of Promoting
You can promote yourself
ex)Resume, e-portfolio
Promoting an event
ex) SOC Career week
Promoting an organization or business
ex) Start up businesses, Walk to end Alzheimers Association
An idea or different way of living
ex) PSA, abstinence programs
Different events
require different promotion
Why Promote?
The turn out!
Increase sales!
The Key Steps of Planning an Event
-Katya seitz
Step 1: Identify the type of event
ex.s: fundraiser, promotional
who is it for/ who is the audience
what is the subject
ex: wildlife preservation, education
Step 2: Set up a budget
projected expenses/income
ex.s: monetary goals, number of attendees,
Step 3: Determine the Goals
Step 4: Decide venue and workers
decide venue or event setting
ex.: ballroom, auditorium, estate
should make sense with your event
decide the workers (paid (how much) and/or unpaid such as volunteers)
Step 5: Decide general logistics of the event (based on budget)
decor (is there a theme)
product placement
catering (food?)
parking (valet?)
legal issues/permits (ex.: alcohol permit)
seating placement/placement of attendees
Step 6: Determine the Event timeline
what will happen when and involving who
ex.: if there is a performance, meal, etc
Step 7: Promotion
ex.s: article, fb page, etc
FINALLY Step 8: Have your event
Values in Events
Functional values are the purposes that the product serves.

Example: UPS wanted to increase visibility of its new brand Mail Boxes Etc. so it delivered Christmas gifts to audience members on Oprah's Favorite Things.
Experiential values deal with the consumers' experience when using the product, such as having an easier time to complete a task because of the product's qualities.

Example: Tide's Dirtiest Kid In America Contest in New York City.
Psychological values are associated with the feelings and emotions that consumers experience while using the product.

Example: adidas wanted to make consumers feel like professional soccer players while wearing adidas soccer cleats.
Oprah and UPS employees
+Predator vs. +F50

Back to the Start, by Chipotle. (2014, August 25). Youtube. Retrieved February 24, 2014 from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMfSGt6rHo

The Scarecrow, by Chipotle. (2014, August 25). Youtube. Retrieved February 24, 2014 from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUtnas5ScS

"The Scarecrow"
The Scarecrow
Maria Ranahan
Sarah McBride
Bridget Devine
Katya Seitz
Angelic Venegas
Trung Nguyen
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