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michelle ha

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of 10

The 10 Most Common Excuses for NOT Going to College and Why They're All Wrong!
Excuse #2: My grades are not good enough for college
Excuse #10 I just want to get a job and makes a lot of money
Excuse #5: College is TOO difficult!
In the article "The 10 Most Common Excuses for Not Going to College and Why They're All Wrong!", the author attempts to convince students to go to college. In the first excuse, the author explains why students should not be afraid of being the first in their family to attend college. He points out, in excuses 2 through 7 that there is a lot of financial aid and scholarships available to help students with tuition. Students can seek out for teacher's help with the college application. He also encourages students who are currently unsure about their majors to just go to college because college will help them figure out what they want to be in the future. In the last three excuses, the writer states that with a college degree in their hands, students can make much more money and have greater job opportunities than with a high school diploma. Additionally, college gives you confidence and self-respect, In conclusion, the author believes that college is great and beneficial, therefore every student should attend college.
By:Ana Cervantes
Gary Esposito
Michelle Ha

Not the only criteria
Extracurricular activities, talents, sports, etc.
View as a whole
On-campus tutoring
Asking professor for help
Use other resources: books, internet,..
Put in more effort-study group
Make more money with a college degree
Greater variety of job opportunities
Confidence, profession satisfaction and self-respect
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