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How to become a fangirl

Being a fangirl is difficult. Find out the steps to become one

Daniela Tangarife

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of How to become a fangirl

By: Isabela Aguilar, Gabriela Martinez,
Daniela Tangarife. How To Become a Fangirl Begin with the basics… •To become a fangirl, you need to be impacted by the moment you saw an artist that changed your life.
•After having that amazing experience, you learn the name of the artist and start listening to their music. Then, you get to follow them on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and other social networks. Continue going crazy… •The first week, you'll probably dedicate your free time (or most time) to
"stalk" the artist that you chose. You'll start learning their songs,watching their videos, learning their stories and talking about them a lot, or thinking about them (in case you want to keep them as your "little secret")
At this point you are getting really obssesed
TIP: People around you and even yourself, will think you're going crazy, but as a fangirl, I tell you, IT IS NORMAL. After that...Socially Awkward... After knowing stuff about them and watching their videos, and interviews; the thing that most fangirls do, is creating a social account or profile dedicated to them. Some artists, use Facebook more; so if that's your case, you might create a Facebook page. Others, use Twitter and Tumblr, do the same thing. You'll start wasting time and energy on it. You might also stop being as social as you were before, but don't worry, being socially awkward won't make you stop partying or making friends. Feeling close to them. If you're meant to be a fangirl, and you've managed to make your artist, in a moderated way, part of your life; and you're glad about it, you'll start to feel like you know them from all your life, maybe because you know everything about them. Also, you might start calling them names and if it is a girl, you'll think she's your best friend, and if its a guy, you'll say he's your husband or boyfriend. Am I crazy? NO. You're just becoming a real fangirl. You'll probably know almost everything about them, all their lyrics to all their songs, you'll start pasting posters in your room, buying their merch, having more pictures of them in your cellphone, spamming them on social networks because you want to get them to notice you, etc.There will be a moment when you think you're crazy, but there are lots of girls that do the same. Part of the fanbase. Then, you will start talking to other people who are dedicated to the same person or group, you'll start making friends all around the world, and having arguments' fights. This will make you be part of the fanbase. You'll also get into the dramas that are included in the rumors, sometimes you'll feel satisfied with your idol's happiness and, if you want to, you'll go or make a fanclub. That will show you that you're not alone supporting the person or people that inspire you. Warnings! - Crying a lot over everything about them.- You might scream a lot and annoy the ones that are around you.
- You'll get into fights with the haters.
- Some people will think you're insane.
- You'll start talking like a fangirl.
- Everything will remember you to something about them, and maybe you'll say weird comments.
- You'll compare everybody with your idol. Language of a fangirl. asghflgfdlñhgfsñlfh. omg, Dying, I'm done, sobbing, *dead*, can u not, smh (shaking my head), I'm judging you, oh God, they've ruined my social life, get your eyes tested, get your ears tested, I'm fainting, idc (i don't care), brb crying, I can't even, I can't omg, brb fangirling, lets eat ice cream, yes i'll be his wife some day... ,this is the best fandom ever, I fell of my chair, why are you doing this to me?, oh my (name of the artist), HELP, I won't survive. Strong Fanbases

Directioners: Support One Direction. Extremely loyal, weird and dedicated *cough* obsessed *cough*
Beliebers: Support Justin Bieber.
Swifties: Support Taylor Swift.
Enchancer: Support Greyson Chance. Are extremely joyfull, hate critics, love every single detail of him.
Smilers: Support Miley Cyrus.
Lovatics: Support Demi Lovato.
Jonatics: Support The Jonas Brothers.
Coldplayers: Support ColdPlay.
Sheeranators: Support Ed Sheeran.
Selenators: Support Selena Gomez.
Barbies: Support Nicki Minaj.
Brats: Support Cher Lloyd.
Daydreamers: Support Adele.
Little Black Stars: Support Avril Lavigne.
Prisioners: Support The Wanted.
Little Monsters: Support Lady Gaga.
and more....
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