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The History of Quebec

No description

PAsckl KKAim

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of The History of Quebec

Double click anywhere & add an idea The Timeline of Quebec By Pascal Kim 1001 - The Vikings reach America.
1492 - Christopher Columbus crosses the Atlantic Ocean.
1497 - John Cabot reaches the
North American mainland
and claims it for England.
1500s to 1600s 1000s to 1500s 1525 ~ 1530 - Fishermen regularly
sails to the St. Lawrence.
July 24th, 1534 - Jacques Cartier lands
on the Gaspé Peninsula.
August 10th, 1535 - Jacques Cartier’s
expedition sails into
the St. Lawrence River.
Christopher Columbus Samuel de Champlain James Wolfe Louis-Joseph de Montcalm 1653 - The population of
Quebec is at 2000.
1663 - New France becomes
a royal province
under Louis XIV.
1600s to 1650 1608 - Samuel de Champlain founds Quebec City.
1609 - Samuel de Champlain defeats the Iroquois with the Hurons.
1612 - Champlain is made lieutenant in New France.
1650 to 1700s
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