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Alien's Name: Mission From Planet's Name By: First and Last Name

No description

Chancey Parsons

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Alien's Name: Mission From Planet's Name By: First and Last Name

Passport Information
Picture of Alien
Alien's Name
Alien Age (on Earth and on its planet)
Alien Weight (on Earth and on its planet)
Planet of Origin
Planet Facts
How many planets yours is from the sun (ex. Venus is the 2nd planet from the Sun)
Any moons? If so, provide the number and some basic information about them.
atmosphere and composition
temperature of the planet.
A Day in the Life Page
How fast does the planet revolve around the sun?
How fast does your planet rotate on its axis?
Length of day and year
Size of planet
Interesting Facts
Write a paragraph about your planet the includes some interesting facts.
Interplanetary Space Commission Passport
Description of Alien
Write a paragraph with a description of your alien. For each characteristic, write an explanation of why the alien would have it. For example, my alien has special skin that protects if from the heat. Venus is a very hot planet so it would have needed to adapt to its extreme temperatures.
Credits Page
List your 5 Sources: (2) books (3) websites
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