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Remember the Titans: theme analysis

No description

Kevin Doucette

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of Remember the Titans: theme analysis

Team Bonding
The team has a struggle bonding and becoming a team in the beginning.
When they came back from camp you see the start of them finally becoming a team.
Without the bonding the team would not work and prove that they could not mix schools.
Today, you see many schools that have mixed race and where the black and whites bond together as a football team, one example being Holy Cross.
Overcoming Racism
The team's friendship is a direct result of the overcoming of racism.
The themes of
Remember the Titans
all work together to convey a similar message: we're all human and there's no reason we can't get along and make something great together. Picking apart these central themes reveals an inspiring outline of how people should treat each other, especially among
Remember the Titans:
theme analysis

Multiple scenes and characters pushed the team towards fully accepting each other
Impactful scenes:
Civil War cemetery run
Locker room
Bus rides
Gerry & Julius
Society is still working towards overcoming racism, but we must use our past accomplishments for a brighter future

First begins with the shower scene as the players begin to tease each other
Friendship proves vital in the success of the football team.
Overcoming Adversity

The Titans had many differences to overcome including race, culture, and economic backgrounds.
The Titans were forced to press on and uphold their pride and dignity.
As a result of overcoming adversity, the Titans developed a respect for all races that would later allow them to become better adults.
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