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Nick Arrojo

No description

Meghan Roberts

on 17 October 2016

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Transcript of Nick Arrojo

-Youngest Ever Creative Director of Vidal Sassoon
-Vidal Sassoon's Prestigious Young Hairdresser Award
-Director of Education at Bumble&Bumble
-Global Salon Business Award
-Behind the Chair's Stylist Choice Platform Artist of the Year
-Global Salon Business Award for Salon Entrepreneur of the Year
Nick Arrojo began as a teenager who was inspired by music, fashion, and the idea of creating something original
He claimed that what drew him into the industry was being able to make someone look and feel special as well as being apart of creating trends in the industry
"Vidal Sassoon was the original inspiration..."
Other inspirations include; Horst M. Rechelbacher, Jerry Gordon, and Gordon Nelson
Industry and Experience
16 years old when he starting working in his local salon
His mentors and peers recognized his potential
Moved to NYC
Began his career at Vidal Sassoon
Named the youngest ever Creative Director with Vidal Sasson
Wella International
Bumble&Bumble's Director of Education
Beauty School within his salon known as ARROJO Education
Author of several How To books ; Great Hair: Secrets to Looking Fabulous and Feeling Beautiful Everyday
Taught Art of Hair Coloring to Queer Eye's Kyan Douglas
Pioneer of the razor cutting technique using a straight edge blade which creates a tapered outline, gives styles a "contemporary, chic aesthetic"
This technique is practiced worldwide
Born on January 7th, 1966
50 years old
Over 30 years in the industry
Born in Manchester, England
Moved to the United States to further his training as a hairstylist
Married to Lina Arrojo
Twin boys, Nico and Marco born in 2010
Resides in Soho, New York City
Nick Arrojo
September of 2001, Arrojo opened his own studio
Started as a small studio in Soho with 6 chairs and 4 hairstylists
In 10 years, grew to over 120 employees
A beauty academy was eventually developed
18 month program working to be a stylist on the Arrojo Studio floor
7 years as hairdressing host on TLC's What Not to Wear
2007 launches own product line
Taught a 3 day course at Goldwell/ KMS Academy
Arrojo holds several competitions within his school to further the education of young stylists
Arrojo also known for finding the perfect hair color for your face

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